Whether you’re just starting uni or you’re no longer a fresher (gutted), bets are you’re still looking new uni-suitable clobber. Thing is, Topshop or River Island can’t always be your first point of call. When you’re on a student budget it can be hard to stretch your finances to afford even high street brands. This is when the internet really shows what an absolute gem it is for us fashion lovers. We’ve put together four uni-essential outfits that are all £20 or under.

The Going-Out Outfit

uni outfit 1Sequin Inspired Skirt | Glitter Block Heels

This one has got to be top of the list. As a student, and more-so if you’re a fresher, it’s likely you’ll be spending more time drinking vino and waiting in a queue for some chips at 3 in the morning than doing work, so going-out gear could well be majorly important to you. This pair of glittery heels with a block heel will keep you looking your best.

The Morning Lecture Outfit

uni outfit 1 - Everything 5 PoundsBoho Inspired Boots | Aztec Tribal Printed Dress

Unfortunately, you’ll also have to attend lectures. Boo! Hiss! Ok, it’s not all that bad – honestly! It’s a basic student need to be able to roll out of bed and rush to lectures, so having some snug but still stylish outfits organised really helps. How cool is the print on this dress? Plus, it’s not clingy. Comfort was always a massive priority – especially when a 9am lecture is cruelly popped into your schedule!

The Chilling Out Outfit

uni outfit 2 - Everything 5 Pounds

Pastel Mint Joggers | Pastel Mint Hoodie

Whether you’re writing essays, reading books or even watching Come Dine With Me (classic student TV!), it’s always good to have some comfy clothes. We can’t all look picture perfect every day! Go for this bang-on-trend matching set, it’s cosy and the perfect colour for lounging around.

The Shopping Outfit

uni outfit 3 - Everything 5 PoundsLove Heart Shift Dress | Two-Toned Shoulder Bag

Finally, you wouldn’t be a student if life didn’t involve a bit of high street shopping! A cutesy printed dress with a jumper over the top is just that. With a pair of tights you’d be protected from the elements a bit too! Prints are always big news, meaning this heart pattern dress is not only bang-on-trend but it’s ridiculously affordable too.

Buying some new uni-perfect outfits seems like a pricey venture, but it really doesn’t have to be.  With a thoroughly trendy outfit costing just £20, you’d be hard pressed to find anything else quite as good as this on a student budget!

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