A woman of any age knows they’re supposed to wear matching underwear. Matching underwear sets boosts your confidence and make you feel good on the inside. Studies have shown that a staggering 85% of UK women love to coordinate their lingerie.

We’ve put together our favourite lingerie sets to make you feel super sexy. After reading this, you will never want to leave the house again unless you’re completely coordinated.

1. Casual

lingerie sets - everything 5 pounds 5Lace Panel Bra & French Knickers Set

This is the ultimate set suitable for spring and summer. Fleshy shades of pink and peach are soft and sexy colours. They’re light in colour so you’re able to wear white dresses over the top. Just don’t be surprised if you get a lot of attention from your other half once in the bedroom. At first glance you may be mistaken for not wearing anything at all!

2. Special Occasion

lingerie sets - everything 5 pounds 3Lace Trim Bra & Thong Set

If you have an award ceremony coming up or a Christening, keep it extremely simple. Let your over clothes do all the talking. By now you should know that nothing beats buying new underwear. For the ‘special occasion’ lingerie win, that means matching sets in neutral colours. These delicate sets are also perfect to take anywhere in the world with you.

3. In The Office

lingerie sets - everything 5 pounds 2Contrast Lace Trim Bra And Thong Set

Putting on a matching lingerie set in the morning will motivate you to conquer the day ahead. It’s important you go for a set that’s comfortable and not too fancy. If you tend to wear white shirts for work then we suggest going for a lighter set. There’s nothing worse than colleagues noticing you’re wearing a black bra underneath that cream blouse. We love these simple yet stylish sets. They look extremely expensive and have that ‘Agent Provocateur‘ look about them.

4. Romantic Weekend

lingerie sets - everything 5 pounds 4Red Lace Trim Bow Bra & Brief Set | Buttons Embellished Bra & Thong Set

If your other half has treated you to a romantic weekend away then impress him or her with a pair of sensual lingerie set in black. Anything with lace has that luxury look. Think beautifully made bras, matching knickers and briefs which will make their head turn instantly. This season’s popular underwear trends feature elegant lace designs in black, blue and red.

5. Holiday Lingerie

lingerie sets - everything 5 poundsBra And Brief Set

If you’re going on holiday to another country then it’s a fact. Your underwear has to be comfortable, lightweight and not fussy in the slightest. Keep details simple and you’ll thank the heavens. Nothing is more irritating than taking underwear away with you that’s not comfortable. Underwear has to be the right material to avoid chaffing. This scrumptious lingerie is the real deal and also suitable for seaside strolls and sultry nights.

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