Looking great in an outfit is all about choosing the clothes that look right for you. It’s no use wanting to wear Kelly Brook’s wardrobe if you don’t have the boobs and hips to fill it. Dressing for your shape will make you feel happy, confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing so choose skirts for your shape.

1. Skirts for the Pear-Shaped Girl

If you’re a ‘pear’ shape, it means your hips are slightly larger than your bust, with a small waist that gradually slopes to your hips. You’re bottom heavy.

A-Line Skirt for pear shaped girls

If you’re happy getting the legs out, opt for a short A-line skirt that pulls in the waist, skims your hips and shows of your assets, or a longer A-line for a classic feel. A high-rise maxi dress is also a good option for the pear and block colours will flatter your hips. Always go for a high-waisted cut to emphasize your waist.

2. Skirts for the Apple-Shaped Girl

The apple shaped girl has a small bust and slim hips, but a slightly fuller waist. You tend to carry weight around the middle and your tummy may protrude a little bit.

Short skirts for the apple shaped girl

Skirts for the apple shaped girl could include short cuts, to show off your legs and draw attention away from your middle half. Go for a skirt with a flat front that flatters or even choose a patterned skirt (bang on trend this season) to disguise your middle section.

3. Skirts for the Broad-Shouldered Girl

Voluminous Skirts for the broad shouldered girl

If you have broad shoulders and a slim waist and hips, look to balance out your body shape when you’re choosing a skirt. Go for fuller skirts with a flare, a thick pleat or some sort of under-netting to put your look into proportion and soften the shoulders.

4. Skirts for the Hourglass-Shaped Girl


If you’re an hour-glass, your bust and hips are evenly balanced and you have a small waist that is well defined. Dressing for your shape is perhaps a little more difficult because over-emphasising one asset may throw the other out of balance.

To get the most out of your figure, opt for skirts with a high rise to really emphasize your tiny waist. A pencil skirt will do wonders with a figure like yours and will also work to lengthen the legs.

5. Skirts for the Straight Body-Shaped Girl

The straight body shape is the most common type. If you have a straight body shape it basically means that your bust and hips are in balance and you don’t have a particularly small waist. Dressing for your shape is a balancing act you need to draw attention to your bottom half.

Skirts for the straight body-shaped girl should include fuller cuts that maximise the look of your hips and minimize your waist. Go for skirts with a thick pleat or a voluminous effect created by under netting. You can also add weight to the hips by choosing styles that have extra detailing at the hips like pockets and visible seaming.

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