From blazers, to trench coats, there’s a plethora of women’s jackets out there available to buy. When it comes down to choosing the right jacket it can get a little mind boggling. Jackets and coats are a big part of your daily wear. Buying the right style for your body figure is crucial. Here’s our top picks to finding the perfect jacket to suit your personality and style.

1. The Trendy Type

The perfect jacket - Everything 5 PoundsBlazer | Jacket

The fashion-forward go for jackets that make them feel good inside and out. It’s important to go for class and good quality. We want jackets that last a life time. So a good fabric is everything. We’ve chosen a stunning neoprene duster jacket and a chic blazer. These two different styles belong in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Both fit beautifully and are built to last and suit all body shapes.

2. The Sporty Type

sporty jackets - Everything 5 PoundsOuterwear Coat | Quilted Puffa Jacket

Women who enjoy their sports or who have a tomboy style like jackets that are tough and hard-wearing. Material is important as it might get dirtier a lot quicker than any other item of clothing. Machine washable jackets are a must! These jackets above are practical, whatever the weather. Style is also an important factor, so cut and fit should be spot on. These two styles tick all our boxes.

3. The Classy Type

classic trend coat - Everything 5 PoundsBelted Mac | Faux Leather Trench Coat 

Finding the perfect jacket for someone who’s classy can get quite tricky. The style needs to have clean lines and unfussy detailing. The key to a classy coat is to make sure it has a good flattering fit.  For the ultimate in classic women’s jackets, a mac or trench coat is a timeless choice.  A trench coat is highly versatile. It can be worn casually with the belt loose for a day out shopping with your friends, or smart over your work gear.

4. The Urban Type

The urban jacket - Everything 5 PoundsDiamante Trim Bomber | Sequin Sleeved Jacket

If you’re a jeans and high-tops kinda girl then you need a trendy jacket to go with them. The iconic bomber jacket is a massive trend for this spring/summer 2015. We’ve picked two bang-on-trend styles. These street style jackets suit everyone who follows the underground scene.

5. The Alternative Type

Alternative jackets - Everything 5 PoundsNet Overlay Jacket | Aztec Printed Trench Coat

If you like to stand out amongst the crowd this mesh style duster jacket will certainly allow you to do this. You’re able to team this white little number with ripped mom jeans to grunge inspired T-shirts. The list really is endless. White is a neutral colour, so if want to get the most out of your money, this is the one. Because it’s simple, you can focus on the clothes underneath and use this coat as a mere accessory.

If you’re thinking it’s about time to express your personal fashion sense, the Aztec print is a favourite with the fash pack. Its tribal, coloured infused print stands out and brightens up your ordinary looking jacket. This print is always trending and never gets boring. This jacket will also cover your major daily activities and all occasions throughout the year.

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