Pop icon Beyonce has become known for more than just her soulful voice. In the years since leaving girl band Destiny’s Child, she has honed her look and become a fashion sensation.

Beyonce dashes between down-time with hubby Jay-Z and up-market glam. If it isn’t a pencil skirt or figure hugging dress, it’s denim, bomber jackets and trilbies.

Get the Beyonce look in these five easy to follow steps.

1. More is More


Forget the old ‘less is more’ adage. Where Beyonce is concerned, the more glamour added to an outfit the better. If you’re dressing up and hitting the town, do it the Beyonce way.

Go for dresses that are figure hugging, showing off your curves. Any added detailing where the dress is concerned is perfect – from zip up dresses like the one Bey is pictured in, to gems and sequins.

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Accessorise with a bold pair of glasses or a striking bag, wear a killer heel in a bold colour and a colour block coat for that initial attention grab.

2. Take it Short

Beyonce short metallic dress

Beyonce just loves to flash those thighs and with a figure like hers, why not? Dare to bare like Beyonce and take your hems right the way up. Wear a short dress with a long sleeve to balance out this look.

Get this look with a metallic sheen dress, worn short with a black heel.

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3. Lashings of Leather

Beyonce leather look

Beyonce is no stranger to a bit of leather. She mix and matches her leather, bondage look with a slightly more toned down casual look by adding Letterman or bomber jackets to her outfit and accessorising with a hat.

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Get the look by wearing a leather look legging or trouser and then pairing it with a bomber jacket for a more relaxed approach.

4. Go Boho

Beyonce boho look

During her down-time, Beyonce loves to channel a hippie vibe. On holiday she wears beautiful flowing kaftans and ethnic print dresses, allowing for a more relaxed vibe.

Get Beyonce’s summer look with a bohemian print dress or a flowing maxi skirt in a bright tribal print. Wear your air big and a scarf to finish the look.

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5. Double Denim

Beyonce denim look

Beyonce, true to her noughties girl band days, has a penchant for double denim. She tucks in a denim shirt to high waisted jeans and adds a plaid check to the look to off-set it.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Get the double denim look Beyonce style by pairing a denim shirt with your jeans and throwing in a check or lumberjack print.

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