When she’s not twerking and taking nude pics of herself, Miley Cyrus can actually pull off an outfit. Her look is outlandish and sexy with bold prints that make a statement. Still, she hasn’t lost the ‘all-American’ girl feel when it comes to fashion.

Miley wears a lot of denim and still enjoys to rock the vintage Americana look every once in a while. Taking inspiration from Dolly Parton, she dresses the all-American way with cowboy boots.

So how do you get the Miley Cyrus look? Just follow our five easy steps.

1. Go For the All-American Girl Feel

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Miley Cyrus takes inspiration from her god mother Dolly Parton and dons the cowboy boots every once in a while. In true Miley style though, she ensures it’s a gem-studded cowboy boot for extra glamour.

All American Girl with denim shorts and gilet

Wear it the Miley Cyrus way with denim shorts and a cropped top. Layer over an oversized denim jacket or gilet for a real ‘all-American girl’ feel and don’t forget to add plenty of bling to really complete the look.

2. Dare to Bare

Miley Cyrus has made a name for herself as quite a controversial dresser. Following in the foot steps of Madonna and Lady Gaga, Miley likes to bare the flesh. How do you go about getting this look? Be bold and be brave.

Crop Top

Wear bright colours and opt for mesh or sheer tops and dresses. Try the underwear as outwear thing and wear a bold body, a crop top or balconette bra with a co-ordinated jacket layered over the top. The key is not to over-do it and always wear it with confidence.

3. Dress Like an R&B Songstress

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How to accessorise like Miley Cyrus? The more jewellery the better. Layer gold chains over white dresses or a hoodie for a true Miley Cyrus-does-Hip Hop feel. Big hoop earrings do not go amiss either.

4. Wear Slogans and Prints

Print tshirt

Most of Miley’s wardrobe is made of slogan tees and prints. The brasher and more outlandish the better in her case. Get the look by investing in clashing print t-shirts and over-sized dresses.

What you can also do is have your own slogans and sayings printed on a plain t-shirt or t-shirt dress.

5. Cosy Up!

Cosy Knits

If you want to get the Miley Cyrus look, you should also be prepared to cosy up. On her off-duty days, Miley’s often snapping pics of herself in cutesy jumpers, oversized pullovers with bright prints and snuggly knitwear.

Get the look by investing in a number of cosy but eye-catching pieces. Again, think slogans, popping prints and clashing colours. Miley Cyrus doesn’t do things by half, even on her off days.


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