Pop songstress Taylor Swift has got a real fashion following because she always manages to remain on-trend and somehow, completely herself. Shapes she favours are high waisted skirts and shorts that really show off those long pins of hers.

Taylor’s signature style is a skater dress or skirt but she’s also known for her love of prints and penchant for all things vintage.

Here’s our five simple steps to get Taylor Swift’s look on a budget…

1. Crop It

Taylor Swift Crop Top

Taylor really emphasises her slight waist by wearing her skirts or shorts high and cropping her tops. This elongates her long legs and pulls her in around the middle, giving her an hour glass shape that is evenly balanced.

Get Taylor’s look with a smart crop top with interesting detailing and pair with a matching short or skirt.

Good night, London… Miss you already.

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2. Add a Flare

Taylor Swift Sjater Dress

Taylor is often pictured in skater dresses or high waisted skirts with a flare. Again, this really lengthens her legs and dramatises her height. It also pulls her in at the waist and gives her slightly boyish figure a little more balance.

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There are so many options to choose from in this area. From a skater dress to a flared skirt that adds a little weight to your bottom half. Always opt for a high waist to do it the Taylor Swift way.

3. Mix and Match Your Metals

Taylor Swift Metallic Sheen Skirt

Taylor adds a slick shine to her look by adding soft floral print separates to a harder, more metallic feel number. She might wear a metallic sheen skirt for example, toning it down with a girly floral print top.

This is a very shiny skirt.

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Get the look by mix and matching your metal sheens. Opt for a metallic sheen skirt and then off-set with a subtle print top.

4. Go Vintage

Taylor Swift Vintage Look

Taylor has a real love of vintage clothing. She pairs old pieces with new for a modern feel to her look and when she’s channeling the vintage trend, she goes for muted colours.

Get the look by pairing a vintage over a skirt and top combination in blues, mustards and browns. Match up your colours and add a hat to really pin point Taylor’s very together vintage look. Matchy-matchy is the only thing that will do here.

Screaming color.

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5.Be Bold With Print

Taylor Swift Print Dress

Taylor is no stranger to a stunning print. She often wears printed dresses or all-in-one playsuits for a bold and striking effect. She wears monochrome print well and off-sets it with a colour block heel.

Front stoops. #WelcomeToNewYork

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Get the look with a monochrome print dress or playsuit and add a bright, primary coloured bag or shoe into the mix to really turn heads the Taylor Swift way.

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