Bold, outspoken, sexy, and feminine – this is how you can briefly describe the different trends created on the basis of a woman’s top.


This outfit will surely become your favorite. Women with impeccable taste can wear this piece almost every day as it is comfy and also on trend. Moreover, you can match them with our cheap trainers to make you look 100% stunning and at the same time comfy. 


The crop top has firmly established itself in the wardrobe of many fashionistas, allowing you to create stunning and stylish looks. Top with a blazer, high waisted jeans, or a skirt, and this will be the perfect outfit. 


5 fashion tips on how to wear women’s tops


Ladies tops never go out of style. They’ve become so timeless that it’s hard to find one style of tops to put on a trend list. So if you don’t already have the perfect feminine tops, everything5pounds will be one of the smartest shopping options to update your wardrobe right now. 


We have prepared for you 5 options on how to style an outfit with our tops for women. These tips can be used in order to look more elegant and of course trendy. 


  1. Tops with jeans



A white open top is perfect with jeans.

High waisted jeans are a must have style. Whether they’re ripped or not, these are a style that has remained fashionable for years. You can find straight fit or boyfriend jeans on our website for just £5. You can also get the 70s look when you combine a top with open shoulders and flared jeans.


  1. Crop top with skirts



Off-the-shoulder crop tops with high waisted skirts are an ideal combination. A high waistline will smooth out your figure, while a simple cut will elegantly complement it. So wear them without any doubt and just shine on every occasion. 


  1. Crop top with dress



For the most daring style but also modest, try wearing a crop top over your favorite women’s dresses. Corset-style tops work well with our dresses, creating a sophisticated silhouette that fits snugly around the body but leaves you free in your arms.


  1. Sleeves tops with sweatpants



If you are a fan of the sporty look, you can wear your favorite top with sport trousers and look trendy. A crop top with sleeves fits well into a casual wardrobe, so it can be paired with sweatpants. For having a trendy sport look, wear sleeve tops with sweatpants. 


  1. Top with jacket



Lovers of casual styles will love the ensemble of a jacket and a cropped top. Wear a crop top with a jacket, instead of traditional shirts and T-shirts to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.


Our fashionable cheap sandals with a square toe will make even the simplest look interesting.




You can hide just about any crop top under a button-down jacket, and it’s a great way to look business-like while keeping you comfy. And if combined with a fluffy skirt or sweatpants, then this is a great image for walking day and night.


Tops are must haves for every fashionista and are complemented with the help of bright tops to highlight a woman’s mood. With the help of crop tops and long sleeves with sweatpants – you can achieve the most gorgeous chic and sporty style. 


We keep following every standard and offer trendy and at the same time comfortable clothes. Everything is £5. For more information visit our website.


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