Every girl loves a bag and every guy can pull off a ‘man’ bag! With spring being the epitome of accessories, it’s time to explore the variety of bags in your wardrobe and create a perfect spring look.




Shoulder bags/Satchels

Shoulder bags are the art of causal, dressed up, easy going or day to night looks. This delicate small faux leather shoulder bag available in perfect spring colours, can be worn with some bold floral pieces or casual denim luxe.




Statement bags

Sometimes you just need to add the finishing touch to complete your look and your bag does just that. Spring gives you so much choice, it’s the time of year you can play the most with patterns and prints. If your outfit doesn’t contain one of those bold features, your bag most definitely can. When playing with printed bags, whether that be florals or embellishment I always suggest the bigger the bag the better. The celebs are definitely an advocate for this!




Perfect the art of everyday chic with the hottest trend of backpacks. This bold cat patch studded backpack is filled with detail it screams fabulous! Backpacks, rucksacks whatever you want to call them are the coolest things since sliced bread. Now the ultimate fashion statement bag in all shapes, sizes and shines are not just for school books or adventure days out but creates a trend setting impressionable look.



Clutch bags

We have the best bold clutches perfect for an afternoon spring lunch or night out. For those days you don’t need a big bag just something to drop your keys, cash and phone in. Or those elegant evenings out these bright and vibrant clutches give you that colour pop in time for the season.




Shopper/Tote bags

The shopper bag aka tote bag– perfect go to and crucial storage for all you ladies whose bags contain their entire house! Shopper bags give you the perfect disguise for ‘some’ organised mess, giving you that chic look for day to day errands. The perfect bag to use as a holdall for those spontaneous spring escapes and never fail you if you have kids and need to carry the extra load. These bags come in perfectly handy when you forgot to carry your bag for life in the supermarket – saving you 5p on a carrier bag so you can chuck them in!


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