A change in season brings a change to your wardrobe.  Whilst it is key to keep up with colour trends it doesn’t mean a completely new wardrobe.  Shop wisely and add a few key pieces in the colours of the moment to keep you up to the minute and looking sharp.

Go for Grey

Definitely a dominant colour for the season.  A welcome change from our staple black with many shades from dark to light.  Mix different shades of grey for a minimalistic look or put it into lively combinations with some of the brighter colours of the season.


Blue Hues

Navy, although always a fashion staple, features highly for this autumn and winter along with other varying shades of blue.  For added impact add the luxurious hues of Bright Cobalt and Royal Blue.  For something a little more sassy and statement try a black and blue combination.



Unquestionably a glamourous and feminine colour, red is back with a vengeance this winter.  The stunning options range from statement scarlet and fire engine shades through crimson to the romantic and sultry maroon and burgundy tones.


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