Bags are huge in the fashion industry, from designer to high street, if you go out shopping you’ll see that nearly every woman you pass will be carrying a bag. There’s no other fashion accessory like it, they come everywhere with us and play a massive part in a woman’s wardrobe.

1. Casual Handbag

everything 5 poundsFlower Detailed Shoulder Bag

You’ll see that nearly every retailing fashion store will sell all different styles and colours of handbags. If you’re more of a practical person then you might want to find a shoulder bag as they have a long strap that goes around your body and is very easy and comfortable to carry. You’ll find that bags have different styles of strap so you’re always bound to find the perfect bag.

2. Weekend Bag

pastel pink bag -Everything 5 poundsPastel Pink Overnight Bag

If you need a bag to take around with you for overnight sleepovers at a best friend’s house then we would choose a big colourful tote bag. They’re big enough to carry clothes, make-up and a few goodies around in. We personally love them because they usually come in bright colours.

3. Evening Bag

clutch bag - Everything 5 poundsQuilted Chain Clutch Bag

Clutch bags are perfect for making an outfit look dressy! They’re cute, small and come in very handy for when you’re on a night out. You don’t want to be carrying a massive handbag with you all night so a clutch bag is great for carrying around a few essentials such as lipstick, money and your phone.

4. School Bag

satchel - Everything 5 poundsMetallic Satchel Bag

If you’re looking for an everyday bag to take to work with you or college/university then I would recommend the satchel bag. This style of bag makes an outfit look smart and presentable. They’re simple and they look sophisticated. They usually come in natural colours such as black, brown or tan so it’s easy to match them up with your outfits.

Your casual ‘over the shoulder’ handbag is just perfect for everyday usage. You can get handbags with big/short straps or even adjustable ones so carrying around your handbag can still be comfortable.

What with ladies bags being one of the most popular accessories for women, you don’t have to worry about spending loads of money on the perfect bag. Everything5Pounds stocks new bags every week for a small price of just £5. You can look stylish and classy without paying designer prices. Perfect!

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