One of the really difficult things to teach young women now days is to have a positive body image! Due to the mass media many young people have mixed ideas about what is healthy and what is beautiful.  Luckily there are many full-figure women who should be seen as role models to the younger generation.

These women show that health and beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sexy plus size dresses are designed to flatter you in the right ways allowing your confidence to shine. Many women think that men like the skinny look when really they just love the curves!

1. Beyonce


Beyoncé is a great example of a woman who has gorgeous curves. She can pull of plus size clothing in a way that makes you completely forget about what it would be like to be thinner. She may not be what people consider to be “big” but she’s still got some killer curves. She has become a positive image for the bigger beautiful girls and has made many people feel more confident about their curves.

2. Queen Latifah


Queen Latifah is also a well-known plus size celebrity. She definitely knows how to pull of the most stunning plus size designer dresses. She’s great because she still continues to prove that just because you wear plus size clothing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a cover girl on the front page of a magazine, which is what she was when doing an ad campaign with a makeup company.

3. Christina Schmidt


Christina Schmidt is a famous Canadian plus size model and actress whose beauty and confidence helped to earn her profession. She’s definitely a great role model for the younger generation and especially for the more full-figured girls.

So do you still think that a size 0 is the perfect size? The idea of this is starting to wear away thanks to our plus size role models. Retail shops are also starting to make more affordable plus size clothing and it’s becoming much more wide spread throughout shops! Just remember that everyone is different so people need to learn to love their body. No matter whether you’re a size 0 or size 32 you must remember that it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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