Clutch bags are a great alternative to hand bags as they’re smaller, easier to carry around and are much less of a hassle. However, deciding what type of clutch bag to take with you on a night out can be trickier than what it seems. With many different factors to consider such as the style, colour and the practicality of it (e.g. whether it has got a handle or not), finding the perfect one can be a bit of a struggle- but worry no more as we are here to help. Read our fun, simple guide into finding the perfect clutch bag for your upcoming night out.


Standard Clutch Bags

Playing it safe with a standard, understated clutch is nothing to be ashamed of. You can never go wrong with one of these bags and they are the definition of sophistication. Thinking of wearing a colourful or patterned outfit and don’t have a clutch bag to match? One of our simple metallic trim or envelope styles will be the perfect contrast and will give you a chic, classy look in no time. They’re perfect to take out wherever you go; whether that be a night out in town with the girls or a casual meet-up meal with your family and friends, this is the type of clutch for you.








Detailed/patterned Clutch Bags

Adding an accessory with a bit of bling or detail can make all the difference, especially if you need some help dressing up your outfit a little bit. Sparkly and diamond details always look great and will compliment your overall look immediately. At Everything5Pounds, we think that being brave and going for something a bit different such as studded details is a fabulous idea as they’re eye-catching and unique, being a cute but sassy accessory to your outfit.







Clutches with handles

Whilst it’s commonly known that clutch bags/purses should be held in our hands, handles are sometimes a great addition and contribute massively to the practicality of the clutch. These types are great if you’re going somewhere that you know you will want to dance and prance about. The handle makes it easy to sling the bag over your shoulder or slip onto your wrist when you’re tired of holding it in your hands. At Everything5Pounds, our patterned and detailed clutch bags with handles are our personal favourites and are ideal to take on a night out clubbing.







We hope we have given you some inspiration and ideas as to what clutch bag is best for you. Remember that there are many more for you to browse through so check out our clutch bag range today. Or, if one of our favourites has caught your eye, then make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on it by picking it up now. Our products don’t stick around for long so you better hurry!


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