Cocktail dresses or cocktail gowns usually display shorter lengths than normal gowns, and are normally worn during informal cocktail parties. This is the most famous and best thing to wear when attending events such as a semi-formal event, a prom, and several other occasions. Even though they look chic and casual, cocktail dresses are also ideal to wear on more formal occasions. They come in a huge variety of styles, designs, shapes and lengths. However, the most popular amongst all cocktail dresses would be the one known as “little black dress.”


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You should familiarise yourself with the varying lengths of cocktail dresses that are commercially available. Their lengths vary depending on the current fashion trends and wardrobe acceptability of a certain year. While the common types of them would stop above the knee, there are also types that would run low, down to 2 inches above the ankle.

The ones that end above the knee are generally known as tea-length dresses, while the ones that reach the ankle are known as the “ballerina length” type of cocktail dress, and is commonly associated with an evening gown. Nowadays, and due to the progress in fashion, cocktail dresses will come in different and beautiful arrays of material from silk and satin, to chiffon finishing.

Do Not Worry

As there are several people who are invited to occasions and never have any idea what to wear, there would be an increase of fear for over and under dressing. However, you need not worry, because there are several clues that can help you when you are confused about what to wear to these important occasions.

When you receive an invitation through e-mail or over the phone, chances are that you are expected to dress casually on said events. However, when an invitation arrives by mail, then there is a good chance that you will have to wear a cocktail dress.


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There are also several guidelines to follow when wearing a cocktail dress. When it is a cocktail party, you should avoid wearing a sequined gown, as they are too formal for such an event. The best would be cocktail dresses that stop above the knee. The most popular choice of materials would be satin and silk. During summer, wear dresses that have pastel colors like light pink, sky blue, yellow, and pale green. Floral prints on cocktail dresses are also ideal during this season.

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