‘Black is the new white’, ‘white is the new black’, we’ve all heard about these colour changes in the fashion industry yet we’ve never truly been able to get away from black clothing. Each year we all try to add a splash of colour to our wardrobes yet we bet most of you still end up buying something that’s black! Whether that’s a Little Black Dress to a new pair of black shoes or even just plain black leggings, there’s just no escaping it in fashion!

So why can’t we stray away from black? Well black is so simple to wear, it goes with almost anything and it means we don’t end up spending hours and hours going through our colour chart in order to match up our coloured outfits.

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How to Wear it

Black is a colour that doesn’t date as fast as some of your more statement colours, so you can wear it each year without worrying the colour is no longer in fashion. In fact women have been wearing black for centuries and we will still be wearing it for many more years to come so we don’t have to worry about changing our whole wardrobe just yet.

Make a Statement

Popular statement outfits such as suits, dresses and pencil skirts are all mostly black with a few exceptions depending on where you’re planning on wearing it. Even more so you also have high end black tie events where the majority of men will be all suited and booted in their best black suit and the woman in her best dress.

black clothes - everything 5 pounds

Stand Out

It just so happens to be a colour that you see everywhere whether it’s in the work place, if you’re down the shops or on a night out. You don’t have to feel trapped by black clothing though, whilst it seems to be the most popular choice of colour you should never wear just dark colours.

The beauty of wearing black is that you can match anything up with it whether it’s a colourful clutch bag to a black dress or a bright floral tee to go with a pair of black leggings. If you wish to view the full range of black leggings, clutch bags or even jumpers then check out the Everything5Pounds website.

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