Unfortunately the winter season is quickly creeping upon us but in terms of fashion it isn’t all doom and gloom. With a fantastic range of women’s boots for just £5, there’s no better place to look for a pair than the Everything5Pounds website.

Everything5Pounds have a wide range of boots on offer from classy heeled high ones to the short flat ankle variety. Available in a number of different colours you’re bound to come across a pair that catches your eye.



If you’re after a comfortable pair to keep your feet warm this winter then look out for the faux fur boots. They’re sturdy and warm making them a great purchase this winter. The faux fur will make them look extra snuggly and they’re great for walks to the shops, going out shopping or just popping round a friend or families house.

Chunky Booties

ankle boots

If you want to keep your toes warm and look great at the same time then I would definitely recommend the high heeled ankle boots. You’ll find them in a range of colours and styles and they will make any outfit look classy. They’re great if you’re meeting some friends for a drink or you’re going out for dinner.

Wedge With an Edge


Another pair I would recommend for a going out look are the high wedges. They’re very comfortable to wear out and they’re also a great way to dress up a casual pair of jeans or leggings. If you happen to be quite tall and conscious of your height then why not opt for boots with a smaller heel? It will draws attention away from your height, making you feel more comfortable and confident.

Winter Boho


If you’re after a pair of boots to go shopping in then I would either recommend a pair of flat fringed boots or a flat pair of lace up boots. They’re fashionable and will make your feet look great. You can wear them with your casual jeans or leggings and if you get a neutral colour then they should match any coat or jacket. Flat boots are great for those long trips around the shopping centre, avoiding the dreaded achy feet caused by wearing a heel will allow you to shop till you drop.

For a full range of women’s boots you should check out the Everything5Pounds website. They’re always adding more boot’s to the list so keep your eyes out and you’ll be all booted up ready for winter in no time.

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