Dresses are no longer just an evening dress. This kind of outerwear has confidently come into fashion, which women wear with great pleasure at any time of the year. No matter what style of clothing you prefer – classic, sporty, casual – every woman will certainly be able to choose for herself the best outfit in the form of a dress for every day. The main distinguishing feature of this kind of stylel should be its brevity, simplicity, practicality, complemented by notes of femininity and elegance.

No less relevant will be dresses for women with prints such as stripes and polka dots, providing you a special charm and sophistication to everyday outfits.

Whatever kind of everyday clothes for 2021 you prefer: in business style, mini or maxi, fitted or loose – you can view variations of everyday dresses for every taste in everything5pounds.com.

The latest dresses for women trends


Us women love to shop. And it goes without saying that we often find ourselves opening our wardrobes to see that it is simply bursting with the mass of things located there. Despite this, we often have a choice of what to wear today, especially when the clothes are £5. And here you can buy something new and stylish for less.

Let’s take a closer look at the different styles of ladies dresses that are most in demand today.

If we talk about the styles of dresses for every day, we can confidently note that casual dresses give us femininity, simplicity and elegance, and brevity and restraint in creating stylish looks.

The trendy casual dresses of this year will be perfectly matched with polka dots, stripes, checks, floral and abstract patterns, as well as unusual, original and funny prints in animalistic and floral themes.

Long casual dresses are the perfect solution for romantic getaways.

1.Floral dresses

Floral dresses are a timeless trend, which is still at the peak of its popularity. Small flowers look great even along the entire length of the dress. Floral prints look so delicate and sophisticated in a way that every woman will love. There are a lot of styles using this particular trend, so such a dress continues to look stylish and non-standard. In our store the palette of shades is wider than ever, so every girl will find an option for herself.

2. Loose cut dresses

As one of the 2021 trends, they embody chic and confidence. In addition, this style is particularly practical, which will be appreciated even by those ladies who do not have much love for these outfits. Shoes will help to add special charm to dresses for every day.

3. Very feminine oversized dresses

An oversized dress will be relevant in any weather and mood of a fashionista. Summer options for dresses of this style, look very light and trendy. They can be combined with many accessories and different kinds of women’s shoes.

4. Modern shirt dress

Such clothing has become one of the fashion trends of the season, which can be traced in almost every collection of famous designers. The variety of styles presented in our store allows you to find a shirt dress for any figure and for different occasions. A shirt dress can be relevant for both leisure and office style. Among the options for this style are ultra-short styles and elongated options. Some dresses have a woven cord strap that emphasize the waist, others are distinguished by the original processing of the neckline and the unusual shape of the sleeves.

5. Knitted dresses for every day

This season’s knitted dresses are particularly comfortable. Such clothes give room for the imagination of fashion designers, allowing you to use a variety of colors and textures. The peak of fashion is knitted dresses with voluminous patterns. Such dresses fit the figure beautifully. The knitwear is characterized by the use of a calm palette. The dresses are mainly presented in gray, beige and brown colors.


The current trend is freedom of choice in what you wear. In the modern world, no one and nothing can put you in any framework or limitations. So everyone has the right to decide what to wear and what to combine it with. We only help you decide on the choice of what suits you, and make all your wildest dreams come true. Get some new pieces in our store at only £5.

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