Running low from a summer spending spree? Or saving up for Christmas?
Doesn’t matter! You never need an excuse to buy fashion gems- especially when they’ll cost you less than your daily coffee intake. From eccentric printed box tops and mock crock high top trainers to maxi dresses that would single-handedly take you to the Oscars, at £2.50 each we are talking about an actual steal! Someone call the police quick before the whole £2.50 section has been lifted!


Mock Croc Faux Leather High Top Trainers

Impeccably stylish, bold and glamorous, these mock crock high-tops look like they have been stripped right from the feet of the likes of Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner.  Graced with an eye-catching asymmetrical design, a shiny zip for back fastening and a glittering crock pattern, these trainers ought to be in the essentials list of any self-respecting fashionista who cares about the latest trends. Go with the white for a street-style grandeur or choose the understated black version which could easily take any outfit to the next level!

Shoes- Mock Croc Faux Leather High Top Trainers only £2.50


Tie Up Bust Basic Maxi Dress

A stunning, rich grey maxi dress suitable for a variety of occasions only for £2.50! No you did not read that wrong nor is the decimal point misplaced, £2.50 for a splendid dress that you are surely going to wear more times than you can count. A rich yet subtle shade of light grey spread across minimally beautiful cut and to top it all off, an immaculately graceful black silk ribbon elevates this garment to another level of elegance and subtle sophistication.

Dresses- Tie Up Bust Basic Maxi Dress only £2.50


Mono Printed Box Top 

A true masterpiece in its own right; this eccentric yet captivating box top can inspire an outfit on its own. It’s adorned in an elaborate black and white mono print making it extremely easy to pair with almost any colour. The mono print is a show-stopper by itself; with its abstractly dazzling design protruding sheer confidence and beautiful unconventionality.  Finally, this kind of printed design is totally in sync with the latest fashion trends which have recently placed such glittering mono print tops at the centre of attention.

Box Tops- Mono Print Box Top only £2.50


Asymmetric Overlay Mini Skirt

This graceful and elegant mini skirt dances on the verge between smart casual and formal and is particularly flattering at the waist thanks to its brilliant elasticated design. In addition, it is available in a classy golden-brown tone that seamlessly pairs with most colours or styles whilst its striking asymmetrical design makes this skirt truly stand out.

Skirts- Asymmetric Overlay Mini Skirt only £2.50



Bandeau Ruched Mini Dress

You never need an excuse for a new little black dress and this sizzling bandeau mini dress simply oozes panache and effortless style. Ruched and adorning a rich black colour, this mini dress can be worn on the wildest nights out and will surely turn out to be one of your mots useful nightlife garments. Seductive, minimal and stunning; exactly what a little black dress should be but at £2.50 it becomes a no-brainer!


Dresses- Bandeau Ruched Mini Dress only £2.50



Still wondering which one of these gems to choose? Well, no worries because at £2.50 each you can splurge on all of them and not feel guilty at all! There is one catch however; with such irresistible deals, there is going to be a lot of interest so be sure to get your hands on your favourite picks before they’re gone! There are plenty of garments and shoes of all shapes and sizes for only £2.50, make sure you check out our full range of deals at now.


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