Trousers can really be tricky to get right. Finding the perfect pair of trousers for your body shape is a rare thing, especially if you’re particularly tall or petite.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s jeans, slacks or jogging bottoms, it’s still important to choose a fit that is right for you. That way, you’ll be confident and comfortable in your outfit choices.

1. Trousers for the Curvy Girl

If you’re curvaceous, with big hips, a big bust or both, look to wide legged trousers that will balance out your shape and really flatter those natural curves of yours.

Trousers for the Curvy Girl

Try a floating Palazzo trouser or go for flares – bang-on trend this season with the catwalk sagging under the weight of all that extra flared material on offer. Indulge in this style saviour, because the flared trouser is definitely one for the curvy girl.

2. Trousers for the Petite Girl

If you’re petite, you tend to struggle finding trousers that actually fit your legs. The first tip in this instance is to find a good tailor or learn to take up your cuffs yourself. This will save on money and enables you to buy any pair of trousers you want without worrying about the long legs.

Trousers for the petite girl

Where you can, shop in the petite section. If this isn’t an option, look to purchase skinny styles. A really skinny jean will lengthen the leg and give the illusion of more height. This is also the case with well-tailored trousers that are worn long, without a crop.

3. Trousers for the Tall Girl

Long legs can sometimes to be difficult to dress if you can’t find a leg long enough. Make the most of this and play with turning up the cuffs of your trousers as an extra styling element to your look. Another top tip is to wear bright colours on top.

trousers for the tall girl

A long, straight leg is also very flattering for the tall girl. Experiment with print and textures. If its a tailored fit that you’re looking for, a simple, well contoured trouser with clean lines will flatter your lengthy pins.

4. Trousers for the Boy-Shaped Girl

The straight body shape is the most common type. If you have a straight body shape it basically means that your bust and hips are in balance and you don’t have a particularly small waist.


If you’re a boyish shape, your waist isn’t defined. Look for shapes that really accentuate your waist and work to create balance in your body with your look.

Go for trousers with high, cinched in waists or an elasticated / drawstring waistband. Alternatively, embrace your body with a slouch feel and a tucked-in t-shirt.

5. Trousers for the Plus-Size Girl

Trousers shopping can be a tiresome ordeal if you have a fuller figure. The key to shopping for trousers is to look to balance your body out. If you’re fuller up top, go for a wide legged trouser or flare.

Trousers for the plus size girl

Also, vertical stripes and full-length creases work to lengthen the legs so invest in a pair of well-tailored, pin stripe trousers and you’re winning. Or a palazzo trouser in summer is a stylish option.


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