The key to really rocking an outfit is confidence, and confidence comes when you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. It’s no use squeezing yourself into a dress two sizes too small, and then feeling awkward in it the entire night.

Follow our easy guide to dressing for your body shape and you’ll have the perfect go-to dress to complete your look and have you feeling fabulous.

Dresses for a Pear Shape

skater dress for the pear shape

The pear shape means that you’re slightly bottom heavy in that your hips are slightly larger than your chest. Your waist slopes into your hips neatly and you have a smaller waist.

A great dress option for the pair shaped girl is going to be something that emphasizes your teeny tiny waist. Go for flared dresses like a skater dress, that cinches in at the waist and floats out at the hips. This will attract attention to your waist and neatly flute over your hips. An A-line dress is also a very good option too.

Dresses for an Apple Shape

If you’re an apple shape, it means that you’re slightly fuller around the waist and you have a small chest and also slim hips. Your weight is mainly distributed around the middle and you may often look for clothes that disguise your tummy.

print dresses for the apple shape girl

A great option for you is a short dress that will really emphasize your assets like you legs. Go for dresses that perhaps have a flat front rather than a fitted one and you might even be drawn to dresses with a pattern or a bright print that really flatters your figure and distracts away from a fuller middle.

Dresses for a Broad Shouldered Shape

If you have slightly broader shoulders, you should be looking for shapes that really balance you figure out.

dresses for the broad shouldered girl

Look to dresses with a rounded shoulder, made of light materials that have really full skirts that will emphasize your hips. A 1950s shape that really flutes out at the hips is a good option for you and look for dresses with netting underneath to also add some volume to your bottom half.

Dresses for the Hour-Glass Shape

Lucky you if you have the elusive hour-glass figure, an equally balanced out chest and hips with a small waist that is well defined. What you need to watch out for when dressing, is over emphasizing one of your assets over the other and creating an imbalance.

dresses for the hour glass shape

Dresses that look great on an hour-glass shape are certainly the bodycon fit dresses that will really flatter your womanly figure. Go for one with a high neck and long sleeves for a sophisticated and classy feel. A maxi dress will also work wonders on you if you wear it with a belt to cinch and show off your figure.

Dresses for the Straight Body Shape

The straight body type is fairly self-explanatory. You have a straight shape meaning your chest and hips are evenly balanced but your waist is also a similar size and not particularly defined. For this look, the goal is to pull in your waist and emphasize your bottom and top half.

dresses for the straight body

A good way to achieve this goal is by wearing an optical illusion type bodycon dress that curves in at the waist with a sloping pattern at the sides. Otherwise, go for dresses with really full cuts and perhaps netting at the skirts to volumise you at the hips.

What you might look for is a dress with capped sleeves at the top and a fuller skirt at the bottom or one with detailing like pockets at the hips to draw attention to that area and away from your waist.

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