However impressive the fireworks are on Bonfire Night, they’re rarely spectacular enough to distract from freezing cold temperatures, especially if you’ve made the classic mistake of failing to wrap up warm. It’s easily done, after all, it’s still Autumn, but trust us, standing still and gazing up at the night sky in early November should only be attempted while wearing a proper cold-weather outfit.

So surely now’s the time to kit yourself out with some winter-appropriate gear that will see you through Bonfire Night and the cold months ahead. Just remember, winter-appropriate doesn’t have to mean boring and practical – a quick browse of our current collection will reveal all manner of cosy clobber that matches practicality with style.

Cosy winter coat

A good winter coat is a must and should protect you from the elements right through till February. Obviously, a winter coat’s raison d’etre is to keep you warm but bear in mind that you’ll be wearing it a lot over the coming months, so do make sure it looks just as good as it feels. Luckily, faux fur can fulfil the dual role of keeping you cosy at the same time as imbuing you with head-turning glamour. We feel warmer just looking at this generously quilted faux fur trim coat.

This long, super-stylish olive coat is generous enough to keep you warm when the temperature drops and those faux fur statement pockets sure look like a cosy place to put chilly hands.


Arguably, capes aren’t quite as practical as big winter coats in the midst of an icy cold snap but they’re a great transitional Autumn to Winter look. Capes are enjoying a moment right now and there’s no denying the sweeping glamour of this bold but surprisingly wearable outerwear option. This hooded button front cape combines the elegant shape of a cape with more practical coat-like features and could make for an inspired compromise.

Combat boots

Let’s face it, icy cold winter nights are no time for delicate open toe shoes. Happily, this season’s combat boot trend means super chunky, lug soled footwear is currently a la mode. We’d even go so far as to advocate these tough as nails knee high boots for even more cold-repelling coverage. After all, it’s always nice to channel the Prada AW collection while keeping out the cold.

Statement jumper

Everyone loves a jumper but knitwear can sometimes feel a bit staid and uninspiring, which is why it’s time to liven up your winter wardrobe with a statement jumper that’s chunky enough to keep out the cold and add a dash of sartorial adventure to any outfit. This snazzy multi-striped borg trim jumper has a nice Autumnal colour scheme and certainly isn’t boring.

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