So you allowed the sunshine of the past few weeks convince you that buying copious amounts of summer dresses and denim shorts was a brilliant idea. As Ugg boots and woollen hats became a distant memory, you were sure that winter was a thing of the past. Now the temperatures have fallen and like your bank account, you have been left feeling empty and disheartened and one thing is for sure, that pretty playsuit is not going to keep you warm this Autumn. Do not fear, Everything5Pounds is here to help!


Even though money is tight and you have a wardrobe full of summer wear, you cannot pull off wearing just a summer dress in October; blue fingers and chattering teeth are not the accessories of the season.  Instead, our suggestion to you would be to recycle your purchases and learn two important autumnal phrases; layering and accessorising.


Layering not only keeps you warm but it also makes your summer purchases blend into the new season. Many people are scared off by the term ‘layering’ but don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Simply wearing a pair of tights under your summer dress counts as a layer, see easy isn’t it?


The brilliant thing about accessorising is that accessories are cheap! This is especially important if you are suffering the after effects of too much summer spending. You can also share accessories with friends. It’s much more likely that you share the same taste than the same dress size, so trade with each other every once in a while. Also, as with layering, accessories can keep you warm, think hats, scarves and gloves.


Here is a fabulous example of what you can do with a summer dress. The best bit is, all products shown below are all available on our website, which also means they are all £5!

Bandeau Dress

Ditsy Floral Dress

So you bought this pretty dress whilst under the influence of the summer heat and even with temperatures in the high 20’s you still felt a little chilly wearing it. You are thinking about pushing it to the back of your wardrobe and waiting for your girly holiday next year before you can even consider wearing it again. Let me stop you there.

Pretty dresses can still look good in winter as long as you add a tough edge to your look. In the summer you probably wore it alone, put some extra blush on your cheeks and gave the innocent look a try, well now think the opposite. The rebel look is huge this season and every catwalk worth mentioning has been drenched with leather and biker boots, so when putting your outfit together think ‘good girl, gone bad’.

Let’s start with the footwear. Ideally you want a pair of shoes that are chunky and hard wearing, think puddle survivors, nothing too pretty or flimsy. Coincidentally, this season we have a huge selection of boots, not only are they great for keeping your feet warm and dry but they are also bang on trend. For this dress, the below boots would all look great; the flats are ideal for lots of walking, wedges are brilliant for a bit of height but to maintain stability and heels work wonders to lengthen your legs, so pick a style that suits you.


Patent Boots | Wedged Boots | Heeled Cowboy Boots

Next I would pick a chunky piece of knitwear, something that’s going to make up for the lack of sleeves on your summer piece. Below are examples of the woollen garments you should be coordinating with your dress; a classic cardigan will keep a certain element of femininity in the outfit, whereas an oversized jumper or a textured piece is so A/W 2013.


Fitted Cardigan | Mesh Jumper | Waffle Knit Cardigan

So you are nearly on your way to having a complete outfit, but you still need a scarf. Scarves are brilliant; they are not just an accessory but they also provide an extra layer to keep you warm. If your summer dress is heavily patterned pick a scarf that matches the dress’s accent colour (the colour that appears the least) , if however your dress is one block colour pick a scarf that matches your accessories to really make the dress pop and remember that fringing is still very popular. For this particular outfit, a black scarf would look best as it will match the boots, however a red scarf would also look fabulous as it will match the flowers on the print of the dress. Below are examples of the type of scarves you could buy to take your summer dress through to a different season.


Fringed Scarf  | Skull Print Scarf |Tassel Detailed Scarf

Finally and probably most importantly, you will need to invest in a pair of thick tights or leggings. You can go mad with a bold print or keep it simple with traditional black; it is completely up to you. For this dress in particular though, tights or leggings in one block colour will suit the outfit much better than pattered tights as the dress itself is quite detailed. Below is a selection of tights and leggings that would complement any summer dress perfectly.

TightsPrinted Tights  | Plum Tights  | Tartan Tights

Now you have all the knowledge you need to update your autumn wardrobe without breaking the bank. So before you put those summer garments in the loft or risk pneumonia by waiting for the bus in your denim shorts, think layering and accessories! And not forgetting your favourite clothes website…!

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