Started your New Year diet yet? Or broken that New Year resolution? To deal with any extra pounds that have taken up a long term residence, we thought we’d share some styling tips to help you look slimmer and feel your best.

If you wake up in the morning and you’re having a ‘I’m so fat‘, ‘I’m never eating again‘ crisis – then we are here to guide you. The question is: have you ever considered it might be down to how you’re styling your clothes?

1. Tuck it in

Can you believe this one trick wonder? We can’t either – but go ahead and try it. Tuck one part of the front of your T-shirt or blouse into jeans or your trousers, casually, as though it’s a last minute decision. Something to do with just the centre of your jeans showing creates a flattering depth perception that makes you look slimmer.

Tucking in your blouse

Colourblock Varsity Sweater  | Blouse

2. The High Waisted Skirt

Worn with a cropped jumper or a T-shirt tucked in, a long skirt like this above creates an hourglass shape that gives you all the right curves and you will look stunning! It doesn’t matter about the pattern, it’s all in those beautiful curves, work it!

High Waisted Skirt

Tribal Bodycon Skirt

3. Wear a Blazer

Pop on a blazer that comes to the hip to streamline your look and draw the eye vertically. The blazer is a must-have piece of clothing that should be in the closet of every woman. It can be combined with various clothes and adapt it to all sorts of styles.

Fashion blazer

Dusty Pink Blazer | Nautical Inspired Blazer

4. Get Oversizing

You might think this one is a little strange – believe us, it isn’t. Wearing an oversized jacket or a baggy tee on the top half of your body, then teaming it with a pair of skinny jeans will make your pins look teeny.

Oversized Tops

Cut-Out Jacket | Trench Mac

5. Black is the New Black

Introduce a little black into your wardrobe, never be too afraid of having too many black garments hanging up. Black has a slimming effect and can look especially nice on trousers, skirts, and dresses.

However, don’t overdo it; too much black can easily create a drab, depressing look, so you should team it with colourful accessories or a colour-pop handbag. 

Wearing black has a slimming effect

Shift Blouse | Metallic Top

6. The Secret Flat

A hidden inch on a pair of flats or a shoe that’s almost flat but not quite makes a huge difference to your figure. So whether it’s a platform or a bang on trend, low brogue, this year you can welcome comfort while revelling in extra height to lengthen your legs.

Flat shoes - brogues

Studded Brogues | Flatform Brogues

7. Make it Monochrome

Large blocks of solid colour draw the eye up and down rather than side to side. As a result, the eye takes in more height than width, causing you to appear thinner and so much taller!

Wear monochrome for a slimming effect

Tailored Skirt Shift Dress

8. Keep it Loose

Make sure you are wearing the right size – avoid like the plague wearing clingy garments. A loose-ish, lightweight jumper balances out skinny jeans or a skirt.

Loose clothing can make you look slimmer

Aztec Inspired Jumper | Colourblock Pastel Knit

9. It’s All About The Belt

A fashion belt tied around your  waist can emphasise the narrowness of it and create a flattering, slim silhouette. Stick with narrow belts over thick styles to create this silhouette without encouraging the eye to focus on your figure from side to side.

Belt slimming effect

Nubuck belt | Paisley Dress (with belt)

10. It’s All in The V

V-necks and other vertical necklines draw the eye up and down, elongating and narrowing your torso. Avoid horizontal necklines, like crew necks and boat necks, since these may make your shoulders and boobs look wider. They’re also a great as an outfit builder for everyday looks.

jpeg-12Tribal DressLogo T-shirt | Shift Dress

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