The attention Hollywood has paid to Marilyn Monroe hasn’t always been positive, but there’s something about her that we just can’t get over. Her fashion sensibilities are just as applicable today as they were many years ago. It reinforces the adage that if you identify your style, adapt it to your social and business situations and then stick with it, you’re doing something right.

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1. Embrace Your Curves

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The first lesson you can learn from Marilyn is to embrace your curves! If you’ve somehow gone through life without seeing a picture of this iconic woman then we’re telling you now that she was gorgeous and very curvy.  No matter what size we are, whether we have big or small hips, we can learn a thing or two from the way Marilyn embraced her shape. We should all be happy with the shape we’ve been given and wear clothes that fit and flatter rather than hiding our bodies under layers of shapeless clothes.

2. Make Your Own Fashion Statement

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Marilyn has also taught us to find our signature style. Even today a simple elegant halter dress evokes the Marilyn look, right? The key to making a style your own is knowing what you like and what you feel and look best in — and then sticking to it. Make it a staple in your wardrobe. You also could consider planning your wardrobe around key colours you know that suit you best.

3. Wear the Right Lipstick

If you look back through pictures of Marilyn in the 1950s you’ll see that she’s wearing the famous red lipstick. Red lip colour is always in fashion and it can look good on any woman, whether she’s a blonde, brunette, redhead or somewhere in between. The vibrant colour draws attention and creates that confident look about you. So remember: when in doubt, wear red!

4. Wear Under Garments

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The last lesson we can learn from her is to structure our look! Whilst some of Marilyn’s styles may have looked effortless, underneath was still a whole lot of glam which involved foundational garments which helped her to achieve her cinched waist and hourglass curves. Now we’re not saying we need to bring back corsets, but we’re in an era with Spanx which support us where we need it, so we have no excuse for not looking a little like Marilyn. If you check out the E5P cheap underwear section you’ll find it also doesn’t cost much to achieve her figure.

5. Accessorise!

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Perhaps Marilyn Monroe said it best in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She finds a diamond tiara for the first time and is bursting with excitement to wear it, but she can’t figure out where to put it. After realising it is actually a necklace, she puts the tiara on the top of her head and announces, “I always love finding new places to wear diamonds!”

We can’t all be so fortunate as to wear real diamonds in every day in real life, but we can turn to Monroe’s penchant for accessories. Go overboard with designer-inspired bangles and statement necklaces. We give thanks to the icon that is Marilyn Monroe. She is still waving her glamorous wand over us and carries on teaching us her fashion ways.

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