My name is Erika, I have a blog over at Eclectic Enchantments that covers everything from beauty to fashion and beyond. I have a passion for shoes. There is a huge range of shoes available on E5P and I am happy to say that they cater for all type of fashion needs.

Being asked to guest blog by Everything5Pounds was really exciting. I recently used their website because a friend recommended it to me and I was thoroughly impressed with everything, from the £5 price tag to the delivery and the actual product!

As we come into Autumn/Winter 2013 we are all looking for the perfect shoes and boots to go with our outfits. The first buy for my A/W wardrobe footwear was a pair of lace up Brogue ankle boots.

Black Patent Ankle Boots

I think lace up Brogues are a staple for this season. They have that touch of vintage styled elegance about them!

Shoes and boots provide us with a way to express that little bit more of our personality in so many different ways. So as we move into the new season, not only are we looking for our staple pair but were also after those quirky, yet fashionable ones that scream out to us.

Snake Skin Strap Sandals

I think adding that little bit of extra something to an outfit can be quite frightening at times but with shoes you can be brave! The above example is a highly fashionable pair of ankle boots, which is made of straps, creating interest and detail. These boots are perfect for when you don’t want the eye immediately drawn to the feet but when someone looks, they are pleasantly surprised!

Glitter ShoesThis next pair is perfect for making a statement! They are pretty, sparkling and reminiscent of Dorothy’s famed shoes in The Wizard of Oz, (although not red in this instance). They will definitely catch the eye and fall right into the vintage themes that are running through fashion at the moment. Easily paired with a little skater dress/skirt or even trousers or jeans, they will be a hit and instantly dress up any outfit.

Brogue Detailed Patent ShoesI adore this pair of shoes. The look they carry is very classy, refined and full of character.  This is a pair of shoes that instantly says the person wearing them has an air of elegance about them. The simple lines but subtle detailing mean they do not over power an outfit. The delicate bow and low heel gives them a sense of daintiness and femininity.

Studded Cuff Sandals

This pair are brilliant for impact and the wow factor. A sense of summer remains with the beautiful cut out design of simple little flowers. The colour white is definitely an eye catcher and therefore more suited to someone who is wanting to be noticed! You could take these lovelies onto the dance floor with you on your holidays or even to a wedding. However you decide to dress them, they will get you noticed.

Block Curve Peep Shoes

I really enjoy red shoes. I think they are in a whole different class of their own and instantly tell people that you mean business.  You are not afraid to be noticed and you love to live your life your own way! Whilst I don’t generally go for a patent red look, this pair caught my eye. They remind me of Grease and the final scene when everyone is singing at the school leaving fair. They just make you feet look like they are on fire.

Glitter Heel SuedetteBlue, especially an electric blue is a huge hit with me at the moment.  There is something exciting about the colour, as it’s so rich and defining.  With a low heel this pair of bow fronted courts are just gorgeous. I think they are subtle enough for the less adventurous but bold enough for those who want to be picked out of a crowd.  I think that pretty, feminine and bold are a great combination!

Neon Pink and Black Boots

If you are looking for the ultimate shoe statement, then look no further! Ankle boots are hot this season and when coupled with the neon trend you end up with this pair! Striking to say the least, you will not go unnoticed if you are wearing these! Whilst I wouldn’t pick them for myself I can see the appeal of the neon pink which could easily be matched to your nails or handbag. Perfect for the go getters in life, who want to be noticed.

Encrusted Buckle Faux leather Shoes

My final pick are these beautifully delicate, suede effect shoes.  They scream vintage to me, which is a big part of my life.  Everything about them has been carefully considered and executed, leaving us with a winner pair of shoes!  The buckle detailing just caps them off nicely. I would love to wear these for Christmas Day or to a wedding.

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