Festival season is upon us, so naturally, we’re thinking about who’s wearing what/what we should be wearing this year. Ever since Kate Moss officially made hunter wellies and metallic dresses a thing at Glastonbury 2005 (we’re still not over it), the festival dress code has shifted; throwing on your oldest threads and your mum’s pac-a-mac just won’t cut it in the fields these days. Whether you’re heading to one of the UK’s many festivals or jetting off for some guaranteed sunshine, these are the 5 fashion must-haves that every seasoned festival goer should know about.

Sequins and Sparkles

The best thing about festival fashion, is that you can dress as extravagantly as you want – in fact, it’s encouraged. So, what better way to embrace the gaiety of it all than with some glittering attire. Whether you sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust on your cheeks or go the whole hog with head-to-toe sequins, it’s an unspoken rule that you should sparkle like a disco ball whenever you’re in a field and there’s a band playing.

Bohemian Blouses

Easy, breezy and oh-so pretty, bohemian blouses are ideal for festivals since they can be thrown together with your jeans, tucked into a skirt or paired with your denim cut-offs (see below). Basically, they’re a simple way to do haute hippie with minimal effort, which is what you need when you’re getting dressed in a tent.

Denim Cut-Off Shorts

No festival wardrobe would be complete without a pair of denim shorts. Not only are they easy to slip into (practicality pays off when you’re faced with a portaloo), they’re also versatile; expect to wear yours all summer long. Whether you’re in a festival field or strolling through the city, denim cut offs are a true warm-weather staple.

70s Inspired Accessories

The 70s has staying power when it comes to festival fashion; it’s one of the trends that just won’t wane. In spite of the rain and the mud, we wear our fringed jackets and paisley dresses with pride, trudging through the fields with the same grace as Kate, Sienna et al., (we’re pretty sure). Unleash your inner hippie with as many 70s-inspired accessories as you can muster. Look to tan satchel bags, floppy hats, skinny paisley scarves and quartz pendants; layer it all together and blag your way backstage.

Practical Footwear

Whatever the weather may bring, it goes without saying that practical footwear is key when you’re traipsing around a field; festivals are not the place for heels. You should always wear flats, even if you’re only heading out for a day festival. The humble welly boot is a popular choice for obvious reasons; go all-out with a patterned pair or keep things simple with black wellies. Avoid ankle wellies if it’s been particularly bad weather in the build up to the event, since they won’t fair well in deep mud. Chunky boots are another option, though if it’s muddy (you should assume it will be to some degree), you’ll probably want to leave your priciest pair at home; it’s unlikely that they’ll survive.

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