Shoe’s are essential to any women’s wardrobe and whether you like it or not we have all secretly lusted over a pair of shoes or two in our lifetime. They’re so irresistible! Whilst high heels are more elegant, flats are more practical for day to day wear. Here is our easy guide to the essential types of flats all women should own.

1. The Classic Black Pump

classic flats - Everything 5 PoundsGold Embellished Detailed Flats | Gold Studded Flats

This style of shoe is timeless and chic, the black pump is a massive fashion staple so finding a relatively comfortable quality pair is a must! They’re perfect for lots of occasions such as a job interview, days at the office or out at night if you wish to not wear heels. You can never go wrong with this flattering style. Just like your typical LBD they’re appropriate for every occasion and can take on any look you desire. Choose a comfortable leather pair as they will last longer and get more comfortable over time and they will last longer than other materials.

2. Classic Detailed Flats

classic detailed flats - Everything 5 PoundsChain Buckle Slip-on Flats | Chain Trim Detailed Flats

When you decide to wear flats your feet will definitely thank you! Although you might love your heels wearing flats can be stylish too and will take pressure away from your feet from not wearing heels all the time. You classic ballet flats are perfect with a casual outfit whether you’re wearing a cheap dress or a casual skirt. They’re also light and flexible enough to carry around in your bag in case you need to wear them after being out in heels all night. They can look professional enough to wear to work and are great when travelling.

3. Sandals

beach sandals - Everything 5 PoundsHeart Embellished Sandals Layered Feather Design Flats

For those days down the beach or for warm Summer days sandals are the perfect choice. By pairing them up with a pretty, cheap dress and chunky sunglasses you’ve created the ultimate Summer style. Whether you want to go more towards the metallics or bright vibrant colours you’ll find they’re very easy to match up with other outfits.

4. Hi-Top Trainers

trendy high tops - Everything 5 PoundsMetallic Studded High-Tops | Americana Studded High-Tops

Everyone must own at least one comfortable pair of Hi-Top trainers. Over the recent fashion years they’ve become more and more popular. They should only ever be worn with casual clothing and are perfect for popping down the shops or when you fancy wearing something with a bit more added comfort. There are many cute Hi-Top trainers available in all different styles and patterns so find a neutral pair and you will be able to wear them with a huge array of outfits.

5. Trainers

casual trainers - Everything 5 PoundsPerforated Sheer Trainers | Colour Block Mesh Trainers 

If you’re not a fan of high-tops then you can always count on the casual low-top trainers. These are always bang-on-trend and will have you in shape in no time. Whether you’re off to the gym or about to go on a jog you can’t go wrong with our top two favourite styles.

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