As the summer gets dangerously close, you may be thinking about your beach body and how to tone it up. The truth of the matter is, a lot of men think about this kind of thing even if they don’t like to admit it. It’s one of those unspoken conversations that all guys are aware of but just don’t speak about. If you’re looking to go on holiday then your abs may be on your mind too. Never fear, E5P is here to help.

Polo Necks

sporty polo necks - Everything 5 PoundsMint Polo | White Polo 

The only problem with going for workouts when you only have a short time to achieve the desired result is that you clothes get sweaty and you have no time to wash them before the next big jog. This is when E5P comes in handy. Have you seen our range of cheap polo tops lately? There are loads of different designs to choose from and they’re all really nice designs which will leave your workout looking more like a fashion show.

Gym Jackets

gym jackets - Everything 5 PoundsVarsity Jacket | Hooded Jacket

If you were to buy 5 tops with then that will only cost you £25. This is the usual amount spent on just one outfit if you were to go to a sports shop and probably the amount spent on a pair of socks if you bought them directly from the gym.

The site always has a constant stream of new clothes coming in so make sure you check back on a regular basis. The lounge pants that are in the men’s section at the moment are perfect to wear around the house whilst getting some light exercise such as crunches and push ups. Remember to love your body how it is and to always remain healthy whilst trying to lose weight and tone up. You can view more cheap tops from E5P here. Happy shopping and happy working out!

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