Model / actress / media personality Cara Delevingne isn’t just popular because of those bushy brows of hers. In the style stakes, she’s an enviable one of the fashion-set. Known for her whacky personality as much as she is her modelling career, Cara’s wardrobe reflects this wild persona of hers.

She may always look very well pulled together but Cara Delevingne’s wardrobe is based on cool casuals and statement pieces that she can mix and match up to get the polished grunge look that she’s managed to pioneer in recent years. Get the look by following our 5 top tips…

1. Add a Beanie


Cara’s well known for her love of the beanie hat. It covers up a bad hair day and keeps your ears cosy, at the very least. The model loves her headgear, opting to add a beanie hat to dress down her look.

Get the look by wearing your hair straight and long. Finish a skinny jeans and t-shirt combination off with a comfortable beanie perched hipster-style on your head.

2. Make a Statement

slogan tops

She may be in the spotlight a lot but this doesn’t stop Cara from drawing even more attention to herself with bright and bold t-shirts, popping print jumpers and cool and catchy slogans.

Get the look with a printed t-shirt. Think animated characters or statement slogan Tees that catch the eye. Alternatively, opt for a bright coloured or print jumper and pair with a skinny jean. Don’t forget the beanie hat.

3. Crop It

If there’s one thing Cara does well, it’s to wear a crop top right. Showing off a well-toned torso is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’ve got it, flaunt it – good on Cara. Want to get the look?

Wear a cropped Tee or jumper with an ultra tight skinny jean and sneakers. When choosing to crop, always balance out the look with a slightly more tomboy feel. Add a bomber jacket for example or wear with a pair of trainers. Never do both cropped top and shorts / skirt. It’s not the Cara way.

4. Love Leather Jackets

Leather Jacket

Cara is constantly being papped in a leather jacket. She wears it over dresses, jeans and with smarter tapered trouser / shirt combinations. If you love Cara Delevingne’s look, a leather jacket is your friend.

Get the look by wearing a short leather jacket with skinny jeans and layered over a loose t-shirt or tank top.

5. Taper It

Cara style

Tapered trousers are Cara Delevigne’s thing. As a tomboy, she tends to wear a well cropped pair of tapered trousers to events, toned down with a t-shirt or dressed up with a killer stiletto.

Get the look by wearing a tapered pair of trousers with a sneaker and a crisp button-up white shirt. Add a casual hat and an over-sized pair of sunnies to do it the Cara Delevingne way. Or pair with a heel and add a casual jacket to get the perfect balance of high-fashion and laid-back grunge.

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