The party season is definitely upon us and everyone is going to be expecting us ladies to be dressed for the occasion. We here at like to think of ourselves as friendly, fashion gurus here to give you the knowledge you need. Whether you are going on Christmas works parties for the first time or dinner with the whole family, we can help, just say…

From clutch bags, to tinsel in the air, it’s always a hassle deciding what to wear. First thing’s first, a dress is an essential unless you’re going to a fancy dress party. You want to wow the crowd with your outfit choice so it definitely has to be something daring.

Little Black Dress

black dress - Everything 5 Pounds Mini Dress

Impress your colleagues by wearing something they wouldn’t expect to see you in at the office. Sparkly sequin dresses are brilliant for work parties around the festive season, they look great and the sparkles really reflect the mood that everyone is feeling. Black, gold or a silver sparkly dress will leave people with their draws dropped as you walk past. You’ll look brilliant!

Skyscraper High-Heels

high heels - Everything 5 PoundsWhen it comes to shoes, high heels are definitely a must. How are those of the other sex supposed to look up to you if you’re not standing tall above them? Whatever shoes you do chose to wear, remember to match them to the accessories that you use. Christmas parties are a time for us all to get merry and not worry about office politics and who stole from the Xerox machine, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t warnings. Although we say high heels are a must, don’t go too high. If your boss is paying for the drinks then you might just make a fool of yourself.


evening bag - Everything 5 Pounds Evening Bag

Accessories are vital in finishing off your outfit. If you went for a black dress with gold shoes then stick to this theme when picking your finishing touches. Sparkly gold bangles and earrings can be found in our accessories section so there’s no need to worry there. We would also recommend a clutch bag here at E5P. Think pretty not practical. As long as there’s enough room for your phone, purse, keys and other essentials then there is no need to go any bigger. Granted, clutch bags do not always have handles or a strap but you can always leave it with someone at the table.

The most important thing to remember to do is to have fun. For a lot of people, this is the only time they see colleagues outside of work so it’s also about getting to know the people you spend a majority of your life with. Everyone at hopes you have a great time this Christmas.

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