Look to Lady Gaga for the extravagant. If it’s wild that you want and you’re not afraid to push the boundaries with your fashion choices, Lady Gaga, songstress and fashion icon, is the one you should be looking to for style inspiration.

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Gaga is all about the avant garde, the strange and the spectacular. She turns heads in the street with her whacky outfits and isn’t afraid to truly express who she is through her style choices.

If you want to get this look, the first thing you have to do is abandon self-awareness. Let yourself lose and really go mad with styling and putting yourself out there. This look is not for the feint of heart.

1. Get Lady Gaga’s Burlesque Look

Lady gaga's burleqsue look dresses

Go for wild and opulent in this Burlesque look a la Gaga. She mixes feathers and faux fur with fitted dresses to create an extreme glamour feel. This is on-stage Gaga with plenty of glitter and added extra accessories.

You can get this look with a stunning dress in a bodycon fit that really accentuates all of your curves. Don’t be afraid to go for a popping colour or an animal print and accessorise your look up with sparkling accessories and plenty of feathers.

2. Get Lady Gaga’s Drag Look

Lady Gaga is a boundary breaking artist. Look to her for fashion choices that test people. She has been known to dress in drag on a number of occasions and wow, is she good at it.

Lady Gaga trouser suit

To get Gaga’s drag look, go for a blazer and trouser combo but with a sexy edge. Layer your blazer over a bright crop top or balconette bra that can double as outer-wear (Madonna style).

This look was pioneered in the 80s by the pop starlets of that decade, but Gaga has taken it on and into the 21st century. Add a metallic sheen and you’re good to go.

3. Get Lady Gaga’s Hollywood Starlet Look

This is one of Gaga’s classiest looks. She takes inspiration from Hollydwood stars of the 1950s and opts for a simple and neutral colour palette of whites and blacks.

Hollywood Starlet look Lady Gaga

To get this look, invest in a stunning white dress that cinches in at the waist to really tap into the era. A white coat layered over the top is a stylish asset and you can off-set this with bold sunglasses and in true Gaga style, an outlandish black heel.

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A photo posted by @ladygaga on

4. Get Lady Gaga’s Popping Prints Look

Being a lover of anything bright and clashing, Lady Gaga loves to mix her prints. You can do this easily be layering your prints too.

Tone down the look by throwing in some denim. For example, you might want to wear a print t-shirt, with a print jacket layered over the top. Go bold and clash on top, but pair with jeans to off-set.

Print Suits

Alternatively, wear print on the bottom and a matching jacket but a block colour t-shirt or shirt. And always, always finish the look with a pair of oversized sunnies.

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5. Get Lady Gaga’s Off-duty Look

Lady gaga off duty

When Gaga is off-duty, she still manages to snap a few pics of herself lolling in bed or out and about in her car. What she tends to wear on an off day, is oversized pullovers, t-shirts and kimonos. Get the look by always going for comfort and a bold colour or print.

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