(Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)

(Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)

It’s official; Mad Men is back on our screens this April for a final season set in the 70s. For seven seasons now, costume designer Janie Bryant has been inspiring women to ditch the skinny jeans in favour of retro skirts.

The lead female characters each have a distinct style of their own, from the prim Peggy and uptight-Stepford-wife-type Betty Draper, to Bohemian actress Megan and curvaceous Joan, played by Christina Hendricks.

Taking us from the 50s, into the swinging 60s and for the final season, into the hyper-glam 70s, the Mad Men girls show us how to do retro best.

Get the Look: Joan from Mad Men

Joan Mad Men

Joan, played by actress Christina Hendricks is the voluptuous redhead that prefers figure-hugging outfit combinations that accentuate her curves. Think pencil skirts with a high waist and low cut blouses that draw attention to an ample cleavage.

Get the look this season with a well-cut dress that accentuates your womanly shape. Go for a slash cut or a square neckline for a strong shape and be bold in your colour choices. A red or cobalt blue is very Joan.

Get the Look: Betty from Mad Men

 Betty Mad Men Dress

Betty Draper is Don’s first wife and an ex-model that manages to always look prim and proper. Her look is very uniform and she’s best remember for her striking look in a 1950s style ‘New Look’ dress that cinches in at the waist and then glides out over the hips.

To get Betty Draper’s look, go for a dress in a similar shape that stops just above the knee. Opt for floral patterns and prints for a girlish aesthetic and accessorise your look with a simple string of pearls. Immaculate hair is also a must.

Get the Look: Megan from Mad Men

Megan Mad Men

Don’s leggy ex-secretary Megan is just the person to take style inspiration from if you want to be on-trend this month. Anticipating the styles of the 70s early, Megan’s look has been leaning towards the Bohemian for two seasons of the show.

Think floating dresses with wide arms in soft fabrics and eye-popping prints. Megan is not afraid to flash her legs and often goes for a very short crop. Remember the black dress she wore for her rendition of Zou Bisou Bisou for Don in front of all of his co-workers? Sultry baby-doll is what you’re going for.

Get the Look: Peggy from Mad Men

Peggy Mad Men

Peggy is perhaps the female character that has seen the most progression since the start of the show. A strong and career driven character, Peggy’s clothing options often reflect this aspect of her personality – within the era’s remit, of course.

To get Peggy’s look, opt for a pretty button-up shirt with a check skirt or dress. Alternatively, opt for a plaid or check dress with a roll neck for a smart office look that is well pulled together.

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