When you pick up a celebrity gossip magazine from the supermarket it is rather rare that you ever see anyone with a famous face looking like an ultimate disaster. When they’re spotted on the streets, celebs are looking fresh-faced and effortlessly chic.

If you want the whole ‘I didn’t spend  an hour and a half choosing what to wear’ look then carry on reading and discover our staple must-have pieces to achieve this simple style.

City Stroller

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Who wants to look as good as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift in the morning? You’re probably thinking that this is impossible, but we’re here to make you change that thought.

Whatever the weather outside, a grey mac is always bang-on-trend. You can wear it up if you’re heading out for a few drinks with friends or dress it down if you’re just popping out to the shop for a pint of milk!

Z_zps151fb8bbDark Grey Mac | Light Grey Mac

90s Grunge

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Ripped jeans are a massive part of the ever-trending 90s theme that is still going strong. Celebrities across the globe are donning the punk rock look and are pulling it off extremely well. You can rock this look equally as good, and you don’t have to fork out a fortune to obtain this equipped way of life.

ripped jeans  Light Denim | Blue Denim

From Desk to Drinks

jessica-alba-kimberley-walsh-patterned-trousers-trend-26-03-2013-jpg_131859(Google images)

These types of trousers are extremely versatile and they’re awfully comfortable. We have our firm favourites below, but hurry to snap these up as they’ll fly off the shelves as soon as the next group of fashionistas catch on. We like what the celebs have done above: they’ve teamed their trousers with a monochrome jumper — we also dig the chic white blouse.

Because these trousers are so functional, you can go straight from the office to a night out and still look unbelievable.

leggings - everything 5 poundsPrinted | Inked

Sport Luxe

c0903697-fa05-4e6d-a767-bb0a948cf216_zps58b8ae43(Google images)

If you’re ever wondering how to wear a pair of high-tops, this is definitely the way forward: casual yet quirky. We have the bold styles, grunge-inspired ones and even blingy metallic high-tops you’ll instantly get noticed in.

We never knew sheer skirts would look this good with a pair of high-tops, but we always knew this type of footwear looks utterly wonderful with anything skinny, whether that be wet-look leggings or jeans.

Z-1_zpsaa9d9354Ribbed High Tops | Metallic High Tops | Grunge Inspired High Tops


Ab Fab

nicole-richie-khloe-leather-jackets-css-700_zps7a02b373(Google images)

As soon as you exit the gym after a long, hardcore session the last thing you want to do is bump into anyone you know. Imagine that sheer embarrassment of running into an old ex looking like a sweaty, frumpy gym fanatic? Let’s make sure that never happens by adding a stylish jacket into the mix.

All you need to do is wear your brand-spanking-new garment over the top of your gym gear and you’re good to go! You can go from drab to fab in just one simple step. Our top picks are below.

fashion jackets - everything 5 pounds
Quilted Bomber JacketMetallic Tweed Jacket

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