Who needs diamonds when you’ve got a pair of heels to help you stand out from the crowd? Diamonds may be pretty and sparkly but they definitely won’t make you look slimmer, taller or boost your confidence. The only downside to picking heels over diamonds is that wearing a pair of 5 inch heels may be a little more difficult than wearing a pretty necklace. If you need some help on how to strut your stuff in heels, then here are a few tips! Just remember to practice around the house and you’ll be a pro heel-walker in no time at all!

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1. Remember: Short & Dainty Steps

Wearing heels requires more balance than just wearing your everyday flats or trainers. You should notice that when wearing heels your walking pace is much slower as you have to take shorter strides. The general rule is the higher the heel the smaller the stride. If you stick to this then your walk should look a lot more natural.

2. Heel to Toe

Just because you’re wearing heels it doesn’t mean you have to change the way you walk. As you would any other pair of shoes you must always remember to put your heel on the ground first, followed smoothly by your toes. Once all your weight is at the balls of your feet you need to transfer that weight to your tip toes.

3. Improve your Posture

Women wear heels because it gives them that feminine posture which makes your bum and your chest stick out. You should never slouch or shuffle your feet along when wearing heels and you need to make sure you put your shoulders back and avoid staring at the floor.  The whole aim of wearing heels is to look comfortable and confident so getting your posture right is crucial.

4. Look out for the Invisible Line

If you’ve ever watched a catwalk model walk down the runway you’ll noticed that they will often cross one foot slightly over the other which gives their hips more sway. The best way to achieve this walk is to imagine there’s a straight line on the floor and you need to walk perfectly along it. With a bit of practice this is easy to master.

5. Break in your Heels and Avoid Blisters

If you have a lot of flat shoes you’ll know that the first few times you wear them you often need to carry round a batch of plasters to avoid any unwanted blisters, which is why you need to break them in a bit before any lengthy usage. Well it’s the same for heels! Before you decide you’re going to take your new heels on a night out you need to wear them around the house and make sure they fit properly. If you’re worried they’re going to hurt you can buy special gel pads to insert into your heels, these will help to cushion your foot and make wearing heels much more comfortable.


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