Most of us women would love to have a glamorous walk-in wardrobe with every shoe, dress and T-shirt known to man. Unfortunately for most of us that isn’t possible and actually just keeping up with the latest fashion trends can become quite a financial struggle.

What with the world of fashion constantly changing most of us just don’t know where to begin with shopping on a budget. Well you’ll be happy to know that with a little bit of motivation you can actually look stylish without spending lots of money! Here are my top tips on how you can look great on a budget.

Reuse and Restyle

Do you have old jeans/trousers that you never wear? Well instead of throwing them out you can transform them in a way that you can use them again! If you’ve got a pair of jeans that are too long or are a bit of an awkward/old fashioned fit then you can simply cut them and turn them into shorts! It requires you to have a simple knowledge of sewing but it’s a great way to save money and you’ll have a new pair of shorts for summer!

Try Something New

Stylish outfits - Everything 5 PoundsStudded Faux Leather Coat | Floral Chiffon Dress

Don’t be afraid to try something new when looking for cheap clothes, if you find something you like that’s cheap then buy it! You’ll be surprised that cheap clothing isn’t always bad clothing and when you look around you’ll see that you can pick up some great bargains.

Internet Shopping is your Best Friend

stylish20clothes20-20Everything20520Pounds_zpsjonoblnuQuilted Biker Jacket | Heart Print Dress 

If you haven’t tried internet shopping yet then you’re definitely in for a treat! The internet is the best place to go for bargains and it’s the most convenient way to shop. There are countless websites that specialise in discount clothes. Everything5Pound is a great place to start your online shopping, all the clothes are just £5 so you can always stay stylish on a budget. Everything5Pounds sell more cheap nightwear, dresses and shoes at a bargain price than most online fashion retailers.

Keep With the Classics 

classic denim - Everything 5 PoundsStudded Trim Dark Denim Jacket | Triple Button Denim Jeans

Of course fashion is constantly changing but there are a few specific items which are timeless when it comes to fashion. If you opt for quality basics it’s a pretty worthwhile investment. These timeless pieces could be things such as jeans, denim jackets or even just your normal black work trousers. Whilst these things aren’t that fun to spend money on it will definitely be worth it in the long run as they hardly go out of fashion.

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