At some point or another, when you’ve asked your friends what they’re wearing either to a party, a meal out or a night up town and they’ve replied with the typical answer ‘jeans and a nice top’, right? Here at Everything5Pounds, we know all about the struggle of this dress code and how much stress it can cause a girl which is why we want to help you out as much as we can.  Discover more by reading along with us now…


What does this dress code actually mean?


So, what does the ‘jeans & a nice top’ dress code actually consist off? It’s the question that all girls want to know the answer to.

Of course, the jeans part of it is relatively easy to understand as there are only a few types to choose from; it’s always either black, denim or white jeans and they’re usually the skinny kind. This is known as the basic part of the outfit and is the easiest part by a mile.

However, to complete the style, we must pair our jeans with a nice top. Now, this should be as easy as it sounds but it’s the part that we get stuck on the most. Your own personal opinion will of course determine what you consider as a ‘nice top’ but to help out everyone else, we think that best way of putting it is this:

‘A nice top is a top that you wouldn’t usually wear day-to-day or chill out in around the house; it’s one that has a bit of sparkle or detail on it and one that you feel dressy in’

Below, we have chosen our three favourite nice tops and jeans for you to check out:


Nice Tops

1st Top- Sequin Low Neck Top

2nd Top- Flare Sleeve Sateen Top

3rd Top- Mesh Box Top



1st Pair of Jeans- Blue Skinny Fit Casual Jeans

2nd Pair of Jeans- Black Skinny Ankle Jeans

3rd Pair of Jeans- Off-White Ankle Jeans


The best part is that you can mix & match all of them with each other, so you’ll have plenty of outfits to wear to all the different events you go to that require the ‘jeans & a nice top’ dress code. Just slip on your favourite pair of shoes and you’ll be good to go!

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