The change from summer to autumn can seem a tad abrupt – one minute it’s hot, the next it’s cold and before you know it the leaves are changing, and the nights are drawing in earlier: everything suddenly seems so up in the air. Then there’s your wardrobe to think about; those stylish summer clothes you picked out are aces for when it’s warm outside, but cooler weather requires a more creative approach when it comes to choosing an outfit to wear during this tricky transition. Well, fear not: There’s no need to put your pretty dresses to one side as you search for an autumn look that will be warm as well as fashionable. A few tweaks and your summer wardrobe will be autumn-ready in no time.

Adjusting your summer look to make it more autumn-appropriate involves blending the best of both seasons. Just because the weather’s changing doesn’t mean bright colours are now a no-go; in fact, when paired with the right boots or knitwear, they make for a much fresher image. Starting to feel like you could use a little assistance in this area? No need to worry; we’ve assembled a few useful tips so you can style your summer dresses for autumn stress-free.

Welcome the Winter Florals

Floral dresses and summer are synonymous, right? Not anymore. Don’t be afraid to bring your bright clothes and fun patterns to the forefront of your wardrobe this autumn. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly chic warm-weather prints can look when it’s chilly out. From beautiful blossoms to posies that really pack a punch, make sure your outfits are full of vibrancy and stylishness going into the new season. On a more practical note, you should aim to stay snug as temperatures begin to change; a cap sleeve shift dress, for instance, extends a short distance from the shoulder to provide comfort for when the cold weather comes in, while at the same time creating an elegant upper-body silhouette to complement your autumn aesthetic.

Keep a Coat Handy

Coats and jackets aren’t just a sure-fire way of staying comfy during the autumn chill; they’re also great for adding another element of style to enhance your look. During the summer-autumn transition, it can feel strange going back to wearing something over your shoulders and arms, especially if you’ve gotten so used to showcasing your summer fashion favourites. Go for something straightforward to ease you back into an active layering life, such as a cropped denim jacket; a long-sleeved number will keep you covered during spells of inclement weather, while also being the perfect partner for a floral dress or skirt on brighter days.

Layer Up Like You Mean It

Trans-seasonal fashion favours versatility as well as elegance, which is why this is the perfect opportunity to add some layers to your wardrobe. Choose layering pieces that speak to your individual sense of style while keeping you comfortable in the inconsistent temperatures occurring when summer leads into autumn. Warm, cosy jumpers are a highly versatile option, but a simple zip-up cardigan is just as good; a darker palette will help offset your floral prints so you won’t have to completely reinvent your flawless summer style. Surely it makes sense that your outfits stay bold and vivid for longer, particularly as the days get shorter.

Bring on the Boots

Warm-weather pieces are easily transformed into stylish autumn dresses with boots. As both a statement piece and a practical way to round off an outfit, boots are the perfect way to punctuate your trans-seasonal wardrobe. However, picking the right pairs can be difficult, especially with so many varieties to select from for stomping into autumn and beyond. Of all the boots out there, you should look for weather-adaptable options that also highlight your unique style; when deciding on footwear between seasons, it is crucial that you go for something practical as well as fashionable. Wedged boots are an excellent choice for the summer-autumn transition; adding a little height while still being comfortable enough to wear all day, they provide the perfect complement to any light, bright number in your summer collection, whether it’s an elegant patterned dress or a chic top and culottes combination.

Add Awesome Adaptable Accessories

With summer ending, it’s understandable that wrapping up warm may seem more of a priority than dressing to impress. Still, there’s no reason you can’t do both. The perfect pre-autumn look should include accessories that will gently carry you through the changing of the seasons. Socks and tights are invaluable during this time of year; pick designs that showcase the inner you for a truly unique autumnal style. A sheer scarf is also an ideal transitional accessory; allowing you to refine your look, this piece adds layers and texture to make any vibrant summertime outfits work for autumn.

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