Resolving to hit the gym, tone up and look great are high priority at this time of year. But half the battle of getting to the gym or to that exercise class is finding the right gear to go in.


Make-up-less, red faced and hair scraped back, it’s important that you find the clothes to help you look good at the gym because it’s there that you’re at your most bare. The perfect work out get-up may be just what you need to get motivated, pull on your running shoes and jog on to a better body this year.

Stylish Leggings for the Gym

Leggings are gym essentials. Whether it’s a blood pumping cardio work out that you’re after, or a relaxed bit of weekend yoga, it’s good to invest in the perfect pair of leggings for your workout.

Add a splash of colour to your gym gear and go for a floral print legging. Bright and bold and perfectly on-trend for spring, a flower covered legging will work to flatter your shape. Also look at monochrome if you want a stylish and slimming legging.

Work Out Tops

tops for the gym

If you’re going for a colourful legging, then off-set it with a colour block option up top. Don’t shy away from bright colours though.

A camisole is a great option for the gym if you have a small chest, and for ladies that are a little more curvaceous, go for a darker toned t-shirt to balance your look out. It’s all about getting the proportions right.

As a general rule, if you’re bigger on the bottom, wear a brighter top and a dark bottom, and vice versa if you’re slightly more curvaceous up top.

Jackets and Hoodies

Jackets for the gym

A classic hoodie is a practical piece of gear that you must have in your gym bag. Wear it to cover up on your way to the gym and go for a colour block option so that you can mix and match it with a number of pairs of leggings.

A single colour hoodie will also balance out your proportions, so it’s flattering too. If your gym gear needs updating, why not go for an on-trend bomber jacket?

The silk bomber jacket has been all over the high street for the past few years and it can double up as casual wear so it makes the perfect investment. Wear a plain coloured legging with the brightest of bombers to offset this stylish separate.

Slouch Gear

Slouch jumpers for the gym

Comfort is what you’re after when you’re going for a work out, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the style stakes behind. An oversized slouch top or jumper layered over a tighter camisole and leggings or joggers is a relaxed off-duty look that you can take to the gym with you.

This kind of layering is ideal for exercises classes like yoga and Pilates, where you might end up upside down with your top over your head.

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