How to look stylish and expensive when buying clothes on a budget.


Contrary to popular belief, staying on trend for less is not only achievable through buying branded clothing from famous designers. You can buy branded clothes, shoes and accessories for just £5 each! So how is it possible to get the best high-street styles on a budget and not get into a financial puddle? We’re not surprised that you’re eager to find out!. After all, no matter how much we want something, emptying the bank on new clothes only ever leads to regret. But everybody deserves to look spectacular and luxurious, even if they’re on a budget.


6 ways to look chic in women’s clothes


Here are 6 ways that will help you look stylish and modern without spending much money.


1.Pay attention to the quality of the clothes.

Quality clothes

When browsing for new clothes, one of the top priorities you should look out for is the quality. There’s nothing worse than ordering something online to find the seams, zippers or buttons protruding. It’s something that may seem small, but can easily ruin the appearance of a beautiful skirt or dress. As Everything5pounds source their clothing from ex-high street stock you can find neatly sewn things of a high quality for less.


2.Classic never gets old


Classic clothes


Sand trench coats, camel coats or tops for women in neutral colors – forget about trends and focus on the classics, especially when it comes to outerwear. These things haven’t gone out of fashion for decades and remain timeless classics. Which means that you don’t have to worry about them going out of season! These looks will be complete with a low cost pair of shoes. You can find some cheap shoes right here to make that outfit pop.


3.Choose the midi lengths


Midi Dress


We are not suggesting that it’s worth getting rid of all the mini-skirts in your wardrobe. But you must admit that a dress or a midi skirt always adds an extra touch of elegance and even aristocracy. And by the way – girls of a short stature do not be afraid, a midi skirt does not shorten the silhouette, but on the contrary pulls it out.


4.Pay attention to the shoes.

Cheap Shoes

Shoes of all varieties, without any doubt are a must-have: sandals, heels and boots. You can own all types of shoes in such a way that matches the overall style and fit of your chosen look. You can buy low cost shoes and still look on-trend on our website. Choose everyday cheap shoes to look expensive here.


5.Choose black, white, pastel and solid colours.


Womens Clothes


Neutral tones have been the colours of the lockdown season. And although they’re on-trend now, we’re looking at giving ourselves a wardrobe refresh just in time for Spring. Lilac, olive and pale yellows are just some of the pretty shades that we’re turning to for the new season. Not to forget the classic black and white, bold pastels (lilac, cyan) or rich colors (deep blue, emerald). You can choose from a variety of gorgeous pastels, black and white and solid colours with Everything5pounds. Buy a dress online at affordable prices here.


6.Choose clothes that fit your figure.


Mini Dress


There is nothing special about hemming or altering clothes from the store. Or to shorten the length of a skirt in order to make it fitted. Whether you’re after plus size, maternity or even tall or petite styles, you can find it all on our website! So don’t miss out, see what low budget styles you can find that will match your figure and give you that modern look.


Remember: looking good in clothing that is perfectly tailored to you makes you feel good too! The main thing is that the suit fits, and if it costs less too – then even better! Here you can choose trendy clothes from our New Arrivals section.



You don’t need to be famous or rich to look stylish. Everyone can look stylish and chic in low cost clothes, you just need to know a few tricks for putting together a wardrobe. Naturalness is always in fashion, but from time to time try to put on bright makeup to match that bold outfit you always wanted to wear. Look stylish, feel stylish and express yourself through those low cost styles to highlight your individuality. Don’t forget the lipstick – how is any outfit complete without that? Just one bright piece will make you look and feel elegant, even if you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt.


Don’t forget to take note of the fabrics. We understand that the quality of the fabric is very important! If you can’t find what you want, check the label or the product description on site to ensure you’re buying exactly what you’re comfortable with. Follow these 6 points – and no one will know your favorite, new, high-street clothes were just £5.


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