My name is Dinesha Johnson and I blog over on Deejay Speaks  as well as the style and social media blog She Has the Eye. Today I want to share a few tips I use when I go shopping, but first I have a question: Am I the only one who buys clothes and mentally debates if it will transition well into the next season?

I hope not, because it has saved me a lot of money and I want to see you save money too, so keep reading to find out how.

Ask Yourself these Questions Before Buying Something

  • Can it be worn during the winter months with a simple jacket?
  • Will you be comfortable in the summer wearing it on its own when we all begin to   untangle ourselves from the layers of the winter?
  • Do you own anything that can help transition the items such as jackets, tights, and under shirts?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, you’re making a very smart purchase.

When buying clothes you don’t want to just look at the price tag, you want to look at how much wear you’re going to get out of them. Now, what do you call a piece of clothing that is both low in price and extremely versatile for all the seasons?

A Perfect Purchase

Perfect Purchases are rare and hide at the bottom of the clearance bin. I have very few Perfect Purchases but I’ve been trying to grow my collection. After much searching I began thinking that maybe Perfect Purchases were just for the lucky people,*plays small violin in the background*, that was until I discovered this dress from

Picture 1

Letter Print Smock Dress:

I suggest you don’t stare directly at it or you might start drooling! The dress makes a fun statement and the structure is very feminine. You can make this dress look sweet and girly with the right jewellery or edgy with a silver cuff and dark make up. You can even dress up this look with a black faux fur jacket, red lipstick and you’re ready for those holiday parties!

If you don’t buy this dress for the versatility then you should buy it after you’ve looked at the price. This dress is just £5. The dress is very wallet friendly and also very figure friendly! The silhouette of the dress flows over your body and it’s comfy and stylish. These kinds of dresses work for so many different figures and the monochrome black and white print adds to the many ways it can be worn. I can imagine wearing this dress with my motorcycle jacket, a pair of opaque black tights and these shoes that I also found on Everything5Pounds! These boots are also very versatile (think about wearing it with a little black dress or your favourite pair of skinny jeans) and it gives off an awesome rocker attitude. Studded boots like the ones below are awesome to kick up your edginess to any outfit and are not going out of style any time soon.

Picture 2

Back to the dress, our star of the show! When the weather finally begins to warm up more you can peel off the layers and wear the dress with an added splash of colour with the shoes below.

Picture 3

I find it amazing watching one simple chic dress open a world of outfit opportunities for this season to the next. A touch of creativity, a little inspiration and the right jewellery or shoes and you’ve changed your whole look.

Making wise shopping decisions can help your closet double in no time! Versatile dresses that are kind to your bank account are hard to find, but not on 

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