Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to spoil the most important woman in your life. Yes, mums and maternal guardians are great; they’re there through thick and thin, supporting us through life, loves and losses – and they’re still there for us well after we’ve flown the nest. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to say thanks to these amazing matriarchs. Whoever she may be, treat her to something she really wants this year; here’s our Mother’s Day gift guide for every type of mum.

The Glam Mum

For the mum who never leaves the house without a dash of lippy; who spends half her monthly salary on blow dries and manicures, you need a present that’s going to make her feel like a star. She’d never turn her nose up at a beauty treatment, but if you want to send something that lasts, accessories make great gifts for glam mums too.

If you feel like splashing out a bit (well, she deserves it!), why not treat your mum to a luxury handbag from our VIP section? Choose something that’s versatile enough for her to use every day; it’s got to suit her polished style, with the room to carry a makeup compact. And remember, a designer label always goes a long way with glam mums!

She’s probably a fan of anything that glitters too, so jewellery is another safe bet. Present her with a sparkling necklace and earrings set over brunch; a statement design will really make her smile.

The Sporty Mum

If your mum’s more comfortable wearing yoga leggings than a cocktail dress, and prefers sipping smart water to Prosecco, then treat her to something that chimes with her mantra, ‘the body is a temple.’ Add to her activewear collection with some coordinating sportswear or a shiny new pair of trainers; if it’s going to make her look (and feel) like the best-dressed at the gym, you’re onto a winner.

The Real Home-Maker

Sometimes, mums enjoy nothing more than turning houses into homes. If she’s the type to rustle up Sunday roasts on an almost weekly basis, or seems to redecorate the home in accordance with the seasons, she’ll love a gift from our homeware collection.

Home is where the heart is, and this ‘Home Sweet Home’ cushion couldn’t be more perfect for the woman who’s made your family home feel like the safe haven it is. Decorations like this are ideal for home-makers; they love anything that gives their space a little more personality (scented candles and framed artworks are also top contenders).

If the lady in your life is a master of the kitchen, get her something practical that she can use when cooking for friends and family. She’s probably in her element when hosting dinners for loved ones, so think about getting her a stylish apron and gloves set that screams ‘star baker.’

The Boss Lady

Does your mum dominate the boardroom and dress like an absolute boss? She’s always ahead of the game and is used to juggling her work and home lives (and she makes this look really easy too). She’s one smart cookie who’s taught you all about ambition, but that’s not to say that she’s too tough for hugging it out. No matter how tight her schedule, she’s always been there for you.

Tailoring is part of her everyday look; why not treat her to a new blazer to add to her collection? Just make sure you choose something that she can wear come Sunday too; she didn’t get where she is by living in her loungewear every weekend.

Like any boss lady, timekeeping is everything for your mum. How else is she supposed to juggle her duties? Gift her a gorgeous watch that she can use and cherish at the same time. Timepieces are a practical option for mums who aren’t huge fans of jewellery too, though they’re treasured just the same.

The Cool Mum

She’s always ahead of the curve, with a finger firmly on the fashion pulse – and a killer Spotify playlist to boot. Always erring on the quirkier side, she’s not a fan of anything typically ‘mumsy.’ Rather than getting her a photo frame or some bubble bath, speak to her on-trend taste with a statement dress and matching clutch. Being, as she undoubtedly is, into design, look for graphic prints and colour; think eclectic, not extra.

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