With the cold season slowly but surely creeping up on all of us, the range of ladies knitwear is out in full force and making a big appearance in the shops ready to protect us all (but make sure you look fabulous) from the coldness that’s coming our way. The fuzzy, fluffy warm material will make you feel nice and snug this year.

Basic Knits

seasonal knits - Everything 5 PoundsLongline Cardigan | Kimono Style Cardigan 

Don’t worry because there’s plenty of different types of knitwear for everyone, which you’ll find ranges in all colours and styles. For starters, your typical big chunky buttoned cardigan is a must have this winter! They’re usually super thick so they should keep you nice and toasty this winter. They usually come in neutral colours so you can just throw it on with any outfit. They’re also quite simple so should stay in fashion for a few more years to come.

Stylish Knits

seasonal jumpers - Everything 5 PoundsCropped Fluffy Sweater | Waffle Knit Boyfriend Jumper

If you want to dress up a bit and look a bit more glam with knitwear, then there’s loads of different types of jumpers which you can match together with a gorgeous pair of heels, leggings or tights. You can even look for a plain jumper  and put a nice belt around your waist for a slight change. Or go for a cropped sweater. Choose a vibrant colour and stand out in style. As for sizing you can get knitwear that’s quite baggy or figure hugging so make sure you get one that matches your figure, and make sure that you feel comfortable in it.

Thick Knits

thick jumpers - Everything 5 PoundsRoll Neck Chunky Knit | Monochrome Geometric Sweater

For those extra chilly days you can opt in for a high neck cardigan which will definitely help to keep the cold out, you can find them with pockets and buttons so just shop around till you find one you’re happy with. If you’re only after a cardigan that will keep you the warmest then this is definitely the one, as keeping your neck covered up is a great way to keep the chills out.

The thing that goes with everything are the big chunky, woolly pull over jumpers. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, shorts, they can be layered up under coats, basically just anything you want considering you have the right colours to match. You can tuck them in, leave them baggy or have the sleeves rolled up (or down) whatever you want to do it will still look good and you’ll still be warm and cosy.

Don’t be shy of trying new styles, you’ve got a whole season of cold weather ahead of you so it’s time to get stuck in and look for your ultimate super cosy and comfy knitwear. We don’t want you feeling the chill.

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