There’s a secret shop that the fashion world loves – but will never admit to using!

Most people outside of the fashion industry aren’t aware that clothing is subject to massive mark-ups. Famous designers can get away with adding a huge amount to the manufacturing cost because they know consumers will pay for the prestige of owning the ‘right’ labels.

However, fashion insiders know that cost doesn’t always mean quality – and quality doesn’t always have to cost! Hence the reason the online fashion shop has developed a enormous secret following among devoted fashionistas. sources a great range of items from around the world, mainly outlet stock. It’s a virtual department store, offering womenswear, menswear, lingerie, shoes, accessories – all at the sometimes unbelievable price of £5.

New products go live every day, and great stock sells out very quickly- sometimes within mere hours of going up on the site. Be sure to visit often, so you can snag your fabulous bargains before the fashion pack does!
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