In recent years, sales of heels have dropped – in the past year alone, high street sales have fallen by 12%, whilst sales for women’s trainers have risen by 37%. Thanks to the explosive popularity of athleisure, trainers have become a perfectly viable, nay, ultra-fashionable option – whether you’re at the gym or not. In fact, given that you’re likely to find any influencer worth their salt showcasing a sports-luxe aesthetic away from the treadmill, it’s fair to assume that trainers are the new ‘wear with anything’ shoe. So, whether it’s rush hour or cocktail hour, make strides with our top 5 fashion trainers.

The Dad Trainer

This season, ‘ugly’ shoes are where it’s at. Characterised by chunky, misshapen soles and perforated features, ‘Dad trainers’ are officially a thing. The genesis of this trend can be traced back to Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker and its appearance on the most stylish fashion week feet; unsurprisingly, they’re selling out fast – even at £595 a pair. Luckily, our version comes in at just £5 and you won’t need to register on a waiting list to get hold of them. Plus, with all the retro-sports charm you could wish for, they’re a true style steal.

Hi-Top High Shines

Who said that you can’t have it all? Nail two trends in one with these metallic hi-tops. This streetwise sneaker style was brought to the fore by hip-hop artists in the 70s and 80s; adopted as a part of the genre’s cultural uniform, it’s a look that’s retained a sense of attitude. Updated with a pewter finish and flatform sole, these gold hi-tops are perfect for city-living.

Floral Foot Work

The best thing about trainers is how versatile they are. Whether you’re sporty or not, with such differing styles on offer, choosing a pair that complements your existing look is easy. These classic canvas plimsoll trainers have a vintage aesthetic that’s steeped in Americana. The ubiquitous styling attached to this design has made them truly iconic (famous fans have included Elvis, and more recently, Michelle Obama).

Blue Velvet

If there’s one way to bring sports-luxe into your wardrobe, it’s with these velveteen trainers. Tactile fabrics tend towards luxury, and the bold blue finish of these otherwise beautifully pared back low tops give them a statement twist. Pair these with contrasting cool tones; a silver leather mini skirt and muted grey knit will make for a colour-popping cocktail hour.

Loud & Proud

Printed trainers have been in vogue for quite some time; floral patterns made feminine focal points out of our feet, packing a punch during commutes and gym sessions alike. It’s time to wave goodbye to our photographic florals and welcome in something more unconventional; making a suitably streamlined update are these geometric print trainers. Sleek lines and cool colours give them a resolutely modern edge, whilst the slim style and understated sole is an alternative option for those who remain unconvinced about the chunkier trainers currently on offer.

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