Noticed the recent flurry of noughties trends cropping up on your Insta feed? In reality, it’s not too long ago – 2000’s fashion certainly isn’t ‘vintage’ by any stretch of the imagination (not just yet, anyway) – but there’s definitely a noughties nostalgia thing going on right now. And frankly, we couldn’t be happier.

Sure, we won’t be digging out our old Von Dutch baseball caps and leather disc belts just yet (some things are best forgotten), but there are certainly some pieces that we’ll be investing in. Here are five of the biggest noughties fashion trends that you can expect to see more of in the coming months.

Logo Print Micro Bags

In the 2000’s, you couldn’t move for logo-flashing micro bags that fit snugly on the shoulder. Loved by the A-list, Louis Vuitton’s rainbow-coloured logo bags were just the right size for a pink Motorola Razr flip phone and a few credit cards. For us mere mortals, there were plenty of affordable logo-printed mini bags available too. In short, we were all obsessed.

And ever since Dior brought back their saddle bag last year – another aughts must-have – they’ve been all over the ‘Gram. The smaller size meets our modern-day needs just like the original; it’s still perfect for carrying a [smart] phone and credit cards. What can we say? Some things never change.

Dior saddle bag noughties fashion comeback trends micro logo handbags

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Lace-Up Trousers

Remember when we all got bored of zips and tended towards lace-up fastenings instead? Britney’s lace-up, pin-striped trousers are the stuff of our noughties dreams; the fact that she topped off this look with a fedora is exactly why Brit’s style seems to sum up the decade.

And if you thought that was the last time you’d have to fiddle with lace-up bottoms (turns out that zips and buttons are easier to handle on a night out – don’t ask), you’d be wrong. Gigi Hadid has been proving that lace-up trousers can totally work today. Recreate her look by all means, just leave the fedora at home.

lace up trousers noughties trends comeback

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Floral Tea Dresses

Kate Moss’ noughties looks are something to behold. Over the past few decades, Ms. Moss has given us sartorial inspiration time and again. But in the 2000’s, in conjunction with her Topshop clothing line, the supermodel wowed us on a daily basis. She made waistcoats cool again; she relieved tired feet by making black ballet pumps the most fashionable things to walk in. And she wore floral tea dresses with an effortless that we all tried to mimic.

Today’s iteration of Kate’s iconic tea dresses haven’t changed much (if it isn’t broken, why fix it?). Revisit the trend in its entirety by pairing with your favourite flats.

floral tea dress noughties trends

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Cowboy Boots

Thanks to actress Sienna Miller, whose boho-chic style defined a generation, cowboy boots took to the streets in their droves during the 2000’s. Whether tucked into skinny jeans or paired with a floaty dress, rodeo-ready footwear was a firm favourite amongst the fashion set throughout the decade.

And now? Well, we’re taking inspiration from the catwalk. Uber-hip label Ganni brought cowboy boots to the fore during their 2018 debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Pairing Western boots with knee-high socks and the daintiest dresses, Ganni’s runway looks were a lesson in how to wear the noughties throwback without looking like you’re competing in a line dancing tournament.

cowboy boots noughties trends comeback

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Low-Rise Jeans

In the 2000’s, the concept of high-waisted jeans just didn’t compute. Unless you were Simon Cowell, it was all about low-risers. The closer they were to your knicker line, the better. To prove how low we’d go, our underwear was regularly on show (but let’s not bring that back).

One fan of the low-cut crew is Bella Hadid, whose baggy, low-rise jeans and crop top combo couldn’t be more noughties (though thankfully, without the visible thong). OK, we’re off to do some crunches.

low rise jeans noughties trends making a comeback

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