Everyone seems to have the same positive attitude and motivation at the start of the year, resulting in people making New Year’s Resolutions- most of which are related to getting fitter/healthier (surprise surprise). With the majority of us eating our own body weight  in chocolate, mince pies and other festive treats over Christmas time, it is said that around 12 per cent of gym members sign up in January in the hope to burn off some of those unwanted pounds.

But, before you even think about signing up to the gym, you must be prepared; not only in terms of mentally preparing yourself for how hard it’s going to be, but prepared in terms of what you’re going to wear when you work out which is obviously the most important part!

In order to prepare yourself properly, it would be helpful to:

  1. First of all, get your gym clothes in check- looking good helps you to feel good which is very important when starting the gym, right? Plus, once you’ve brought all the sportswear, there’s no going back then!
  2. Create a structured timetable which includes what days you’re planning on going to the gym each week as well as how long you’re going to spend there and what you’re going to work on once you get there (e.g. legs, stomach, arms etc)
  3. Choose what you eat and when you eat very carefully- it may not be the best idea to have a huge fry up in the morning and then head to the gym straight away (we don’t want any vomiting now, do we?)
  4. Lastly, stay motivated and aim high… We believe in you! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself gym ready by checking out our variety of jogging bottoms and our full range of sportswear today. For the price of just £5 per item, it’s an offer you can’t turn down!

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