With London’s Pride parade taking place this Saturday, the capital will be wrapped in a rainbow flag and we couldn’t be more excited. At its heart, Pride is all about the pursuit of equality and freedom of expression for all; it’s the reason why you’re likely to see sequin-clad revellers dressed to the nines in rainbow brights. We encourage your full participation, so whether you’re heading down to the event itself or throwing your own Pride party, celebrate in style and show solidarity with these Pride fashion must-haves.

Multi Stripes

When it comes to Pride, it’s all about the rainbow flag. As a symbol of LGBT+ pride, the flag has been a constant since 1978, when artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker designed it to fly at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. Nowadays, it’s a given that the rainbow flag is flown at Pride parades across the world, though it stands as an important symbol for the LGBT+ community all year. So, whether you paint a flag on your cheek or go all-out, embrace rainbow brights and lots of stripes this month.

Rainbow Motifs

If the idea of head-to-toe rainbow stripes isn’t your thing, rainbow motifs are a more understated way of bringing some Pride into your wardrobe. Rainbow patches can be ironed onto a basic t-shirt or jacket sleeve, whilst rainbow-themed accessories are perfect for bringing a laid-back look to life; these bags are a practical (and stylish) option if you’re watching the parade this year.


Sometimes only sparkles will do; the uplifting, festive spirit of Pride is the ideal place to show off your fashion credentials in standout sequins. Sashay and slay in a sequin dress, or opt for a statement sequinned trousers and a basic crop.

Slogan Tees

Say it with words – ideally, emblazoned across your chest. Slogan t-shirts have had a long-standing association with political movements and social change. Katharine Hamnett’s simple (yet effective) campaign t-shirts made waves in the 80s; bold black lettering brought her political agenda to the fore back then, though she’s still designing t-shirts today. Show your support by paying homage to Pride’s political roots with a slogan tee that’s got some sass.

Block Colours

Whether you wear them striped or squared, block colours are the way to go for Pride. This bold bodycon has a touch of disco, which was one of the 20th century’s most definitive musical and cultural movements – not least because of its connection to the LGBT+ community. Clubs like New York City’s (now iconic) Studio 54 welcomed the gay community long before everyone else did. Disco inspired a sense of social liberation that gradually trickled into the mainstream, as marginalised groups found new ways to express themselves through the energy of disco’s music, clubs and fashion.

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