Sunglasses are that item that can totally complete a look and quite simply make or break an outfit. Not only are they a chic and stylish form of accessory, but they also help to protect our eyes in the bright, sunny weather. Now that the warmer months are upon us, it’s time to get your shades game on point.

Here at, we have revealed a few of our favourite sunglasses to help give you some inspiration before you choose the perfect pair for yourself. Going for a style that suits your face-shape the most will help bring out your fabulous facial features so pick wisely!


Rectangular/Square Glasses

Have you got a round shaped face? Maybe you want something that will help bring out your jawline. If so, a pair of rectangular or square sunglasses will do the trick as they provide contrast and angles. Our rectangular and square glasses have a very classic, sleek style due to the simplicity of them. Take a look at our stylish black and yellow wayfarer design as well as our simple but stunning black square sunglasses today.

rectangular and square sunglasses


Round/Oval Glasses

Famously worn by John Lennon, Malcom X and Elton John, round/oval sunglasses are both iconic and fashionable styles that that have been around for a very long time- (the first pair of round shaped glasses were created all the way back in 1947!). However, despite being an old-fashioned style, they have recently regained popularity and are worn by a huge selection of people- even celebrities.

If you have a square, oval or heart shaped face, then round or oval sunglasses are the style for you. Check out our round mirrored or oval frame sunglasses today and pick up the style that takes your fancy the most.


Cat Eye Glasses

Rooted from the 50s/early 60s, cat eye sunglasses add a touch of glam to any look. This style is ideal for those people who have a bottom-heavy face shape (e.g. round, triangular, square etc) as it helps to balance out all of your gorgeous features. Don’t worry if you have a different face shape to this; due to the cat eye style coming in a number of different variations and designs, you’re sure to find a pair that looks great on you. Why don’t you start your search to find the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses for you by checking out both our classic and detailed trim styles now?


Didn’t see a pair that stood out for you? Shop our full range of women’s sunglasses today and pick up the style that catches your eye the most. Hurry- they’re going fast!

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