With the winter months in full swing, we are still experiencing those dull rainy days. It can definitely be tough to dress for a day that consists of mostly rain because there’s so many factors to consider. If you’re completely out of ideas of what to wear next, or how to stay dry without sacrificing style, you’re in the right place. Dressing well when it’s pouring down outside requires a little planning in advance. We’ve put some rainy day fashion tips together, as well as some outfit ideas for rainy days to inspire your next look.

Rainy Day Fashion Tips

  • You should never be afraid of adding a bit of colour to your outfit. Wear something bright and fun that you have in your wardrobe. Bad weather can be depressing as it is, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing and fashionable?
  • Watch what you wear on your feet! Keep away from suede footwear, and obviously any form of sandal. Stick to a good pair of sturdy boots or some classic knee high boots.
  • Make sure you do own a pair of wellington boots. Once upon a time ago they used to be frumpy and only suitable for 4 year olds and music festivals. This has all changed. Wellies come in so many styles these days. They look trendier by the day. We’ve seen low cut wellies, wellies with their own cute handles at either side (to pull them on) and amazing ones with quirky prints and patterns.
  • Have a look at what your handbag is made out of. You don’t want to be ruining your favourite bag. Suede is off-limits in rain because water ruins it and leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectant can easily be damaged by water as well.
  • You don’t have to shell out loads for a 100% waterproof jacket. You’re not going to be swimming in the rain. All you need is a coat that will keep you warm and that chic umbrella at hand.

dressing for a rainy day - Everything 5 PoundsDress | Boots | Jacket

With this quirky print you’re able to team this dress with grey, black or navy tights and the cutesy low-cut wellies will make you look really chic. To finish off this statement look and to make you rain-proof add a stylish long mac.

what to wear on a rainy day - Everything 5 Pounds

There’s nothing worse than feeling a little damp from the rain drops so for a little extra padding go for some leggings. Jumper dresses win no matter what the weather’s like. Add a duffel coat and you’ve never looked so good before in rain.

how to look good on a rainy day - Everything 5 PoundsWhite Jacket | Pastel Low-Cut Wellies | Knitted Beanie

Along with rain, comes the cold. You do not want to feel that harsh weather against your skin so make sure you wrap up warm. The part of your body that is most often exposed to the bad weather is your poor defenceless head. With a good knitted hat you can’t get sick.

how to look chic in the rain - Everything 5 PoundsMetallic Rain Jacket | Boots | Jeans

If you hate the rain all together and really dislike getting even a little bit wet we suggest you go for thick jeans, some good quality boots, a stylish rain jacket and do not forget those important accessories: mittens, a scarf and an umbrella.

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