Every girl should own at least one hoodie, right? They’re a wardrobe essential and look great with any type of casual outfit. From zip-ups to pull overs, jumpers to sweatshirts, you’re sure to look great in whatever style you choose to wear this winter. If you’re someone who’s not sure about how to rock your hoodie and need some help deciding what to wear it with, then read along and follow this guide carefully.



You can never go wrong with a zip-up hoodie. Perfect to pair with any form of clothing (apart from formal attire of course), you can choose to wear these types of hoodies either open with the zip undone, or closed by pulling the zip up, depending on what kind of look you’re going for. With these styles, it’s best to go for basic design (e.g. a fleece lined hoodie), as the zip should be the main focus. Try sticking to standard, zip-up hoodies with simple, understated colours to ensure that your hoodie can be worn with as many different clothes as possible.













Pull Overs

The famous pull-over hoodie has been a wardrobe staple for decades and still is until this day. Both simple and printed designs look great on pull overs so choose the best style for you. When heading out in the cold weather this winter, be sure to slip on your gloves, pop on your hat and keep warm by wearing a gorgeous pull over hoodie from Everything5Pounds underneath your coat.













Jumpers/ Sweatshirts

We know that hoodies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so if you’re someone who isn’t keen on the idea of wearing a hood, this is for you. Jumpers and sweatshirts are ideal for the winter as they are a great way to layer up and keep warm. Depending on what style you’re into, there are many ways of accessorising them. Whether you’re going out to the shops or fancy a nice winter stroll, all you have to do is slip on some jeans and boots, put a coat on over your cosy jumper and you’ll be ready to go. Maybe you fancy a nice lazy day in, away from the cold rainy weather. If so, a nice comfortable sweatshirt will be the perfect thing to pair with your tracksuit bottoms as you curl up on the sofa watching your favourite film. Both our metallic spray and printed front designs are our favourites and always look fabulous so take your pick today.













We hope this guide has helped you out and given you some inspiration about the different ways in which you can rock your hoodie or sweatshirt this winter. If one of our favourites have appealed to you then make sure you get your hands on it quickly before it goes. Don’t forget that there are many more styles of hoodies and sweatshirts to browse through and choose from today so check out our range now.

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